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Please read reading 2.1 (link under reading & resources tab) Althaus, C. M., Bridgman, P., & Davis, G. (2013). Policy analysis.In The Australian policy handbook (5th ed., pp. 59-89). Crows Nest, Australia: Allen & Unwin. This will describe each of the steps involved in the policy analysis section below. Please support your argument & recommendations with evidence (local or international or even from another discipline).
A policy analysis is a little different to usual academic writing. Whilst formal or academic writing is required the traditional introduction, body and conclusion is different. Please use the following as a guide on what should be addressed in each section.
The word limit at each section is only a guide based on the marks allocated; you can of course manipulate this depending on the strengths of you critical discussion.
Introduction (15 marks) 750 words
• Outline the significance of the policy problem. Eg if analysing the breast feeding policy, discuss the importance of breast feeding to the health of the infant and the mother and any significant rates (%)
• Reason for choosing policy
• Summary of policy document
Policy Analysis(25 marks)
1. Demonstratedunderstanding ofpolicy issues (10 marks) 500 words
• Formulate the problem.
The better defined your problem here the more defined your solutions. Having clarity in this section will pave the way for your objectives & solutions that can ameliorate your policy issues. Whilst an evidence base here is an advantage; for some there will be experience that identifies that the policy may not be achieving its goals. This identifies the importance of including key stakeholders in the policy making process.
Consider your frameworks (see Althaus- legal/economic/social/political); you do not have to consider all the frameworks. Pick some (perhaps 3-4) that will give you enough discussion and critical depth
? Demonstrate an excellent understanding of the policy issues
2. Evidence of critical discussion and analysis (15 marks) 750 words
• Set out objectives and goals.
? What needs to be achieved (consider aligning these with international or national health prioritiese.g WHO benchmarks)
• Identify decision parameters.
? Resources
? Timeframes
? priorities
• Search for alternatives.
? Best practice- where is the evidence to support your options?
? Expert opinion (consider expert opinion websites for Cancer Institute)
? Lobby groups
3. Conclusion (10 marks) 500 words
Conclusions are completely based on policy and related superior literature and demonstrate their potential significance for the health services. Change suggestions are critically explained.
• Propose a solution or options.
? Conclude with one or more recommendations

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Word Count: 3166 words including References

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