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Dissertation 14000 words
Dear Support Team,
Based on my conversation today with Jimmy and upon his request, kindly send the following guidelines to the Expert. Kindly note that this needs to be done by the same expert who did MAN180111232 for me.
Kindly acknowledge the receipt of this email due to the email being a bit heavy.
Dissertation Details
- Topic - The Topic is as per the Research Proposal done under MAN180111232
- Word Count - 14,000 words with 10% + or -
- Referencing - APA 6th Standard
- Delivery Timelines - The final and completed version to be available by 3rd Week of November 2018
- Delivery Method - Step by step, and the typical delivery breakdown could be as under
Stage 1 Delivery - Introduction & Literature Review - This should be ready probably within 1 month from now onwards
Stage 2 Delivery - Research Method / Design
Stage 3 Delivery - Data Analysis
Stage 4 Delivery - Recommendations / Conclusions
Stage 5 Delivery - Final and completed Version
Kindly note that, when stage 1 delivery is completed, the same needs to be submitted for the review of the University Supervisor and this stage of the delivery may require incorporation of any feedback from the Supervisor. Once this is done, we can move on to the next stage and the same review, feedback incorporation process shall continue until the Final Version of the Dissertation is done (stage 5 delivery).
Kindly also note that the delivery of the above stages should be done spanning till November 3rd week as the official submission date for the dissertation is in the 1st Week of December. Delivery of the above stages should be progressive and in line with supervisor directions and recommendations and the university should feel that this is done in a progressive manner. The delivery of the above stages should also be done in such a way that it matches the project plan submitted in the research proposal.
Im attaching the following for your kind information and perusal
1. Final Version of the Research Proposal Submitted to the University - This will be the base for the Dissertation and kindly note the feedback provided by the Examiner at the end of the Proposal which needs to be incorporated in the Dissertation (Pages 27 - 30)
2. Project Grading Criteria
3. Declaration & Integrity Forms - These will have to be filled by the Expert but this can wait for a while
4. Dissertation Examples for Reference - Kindly use these only for reference purposes in order to understand a possible structure for the dissertation. The final structure can be agreed with the University Supervisor as we move along in the delivery process
I would also suggest that we try to use any survey tools (as applicable for this project) which are not dependent / from the university as using their tools require a justification and approval process. But if the expert wishes to do so, yes by all means and I will obtain necessary approvals based on the guidance to be provided by the expert.
The above is all I could think of as a start and I will let you know if there is anything else. Trust the above directions are clear and good enough to start working on the Stage 1 Delivery above which is Introduction and Literature Review sections. Then it will go for review. Please do let me know if you have any further clarifications.
Last but not least, many thanks to the expert for the previous delivery and kind cooperation extended all this time and Im looking forward to work with the expert for this delivery too and be informed that Im very satisfied with the services rendered.
Thanks a lot and kind regards

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