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Assessment 2
Part B: Questionnaire Piloting & Administration (20%)
Based on the questionnaires designed by all students, a final questionnaire will be developed by the unit coordinator. In Week 10, in pair pilot test this Final Questionnaire by administering it to ten (10) people by way of a convenience sampling technique. These people may be family, friends or work colleagues; however, they must all be over 18 years old and have previously bought luxury goods and products. You can administer the questionnaire face-to-face, by telephone or online. All respondents will be asked to sign that their completion of the questionnaire is authentic to verify the fieldwork component of the assignment has been properly completed. Get Feedback and make changes into questions to make it simple. Revise questionnaire according to the feedback. You need to change the questions according to feedback. Then Include Revise Questionnaire in a separate file.
Once the fieldwork has been completed, write a 1,500 word reflective report detailing:
• Your reasons for selecting the particular method of survey administration used? What were the advantages and disadvantages of using this method?
• Was the administration procedure a success i.e., did respondents understand the questions (look confused or ask questions)? was there missing data (i.e., skipped questions)? on average, how long it take for respondents to complete the survey?
• What suggestions would you make for improving the administration procedure used?
• What, if any changes, would you make to the questionnaire before administering it to a larger group of respondents?
• On reflection, what were the key lessons you learnt from the survey administration process?
Submit through the Assessment Dropbox on VU Collaborate the following documents in separate files:
• Assignment cover sheet (signed Declaration);
• Group reflective report
• Revised questionnaire highlighting the changes being made;
• 10 completed Questionnaire together with their Verification Sheets.