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the project will be based on the product we chose in the group project
inaiviauai Assignment (151.1 MarKS)
Written report
This is an INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT. Based on YOUR GROUP analyses: A student is required to: Suggest the most appropriate international marketing mix strategy for the product or service.
1. Title page
2. Executive Summary: Provide a short summary of the key points of your report. (0.5-1 page)
Please make certain to include a brief summary of the following:
- organisation (1-3 lines)
- product/service (2-4 lines)
- key market characteristics needed for the product/service to be successful (2-5 lines)
- suggested target market and its basic characteristics (3-7 lines)
- marketing mix strategy (3 — 5 lines)
5 marks
3. Comment on expected marketing challenges (e.g., language and cultural differences, legal differences with
respect to marketing, packaging, advertising, content information, etc.)
Use the following template:
4. Product policy decisions: extension, adaptation, invention
5. Pricing issues and decisions
6. Promotional challenges and issues of your target country
(1-3 pages)
20 marks
7. Suggest solutions to these challenges (eg. how will you distribute, price and promote your product or service). Simply suggesting marketing vehicles is not enough (e.g., advertise on Facebook) — provide all the necessary details and implementation guidelines. Explain your suggestions. (1-5 pages)
40 marks
8. Outline how the development and distribution of the proposed product/service should be staffed (e.g., hire new personnel or use current employees; use locals, expatriates, or third-country nationals, outsource product development/distribution/branding, etc.). Explain your suggestions. (1-3 pages)
15 marks Appendices, references: It is strongly recommended that all tables, graphs and other information be incorporated directly into the body of the report. However, if needed, you may have appendixes at the end of the report. This final section should also contain references to the sources cited in the report. (up to 4 pages)
10 marks
Report Formatting
The report should be 10-12 double-spaced pages, including the reference section and appendices with statistics, charts, maps etc.
Please format your report according to the following:
O Number all pages in your team report.
O Margins should be 2.5cm (one inch) at the top, bottom, and sides of the page.
O Font type should be 12-point Times New Roman throughout the report.
O Double-space all body text.
O Indent the first line of a new paragraph.
0 The text should be left-aligned.
C In-text citations should include only the name of the author(s) and the date of the publication. Full references (author, year, title of the publication, volume, issue, page numbers, publisher; for website sources, use proper referencing for website addresses and include date of access — see APA style.) should be provided at the end of the report. APA reference style is required. Please consult htto://www.library.cornell.eduiresrchicitmanacie/aoa for additional guidelines.
• Wikipedia is an excellent resource to begin your research, but it is an inappropriate source to cite in your
paper. Instead, you must find the source behind the Wikipedia entry and verify its accuracy.
10 marks

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