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Course: E-commerce (Business Proposal)
Words: you choose (altogether 1 page with 12-point and double spaced)
Due Date: June 10th, 2018.
Assignment Description:
The company we choose for our project is Blue Fly (
Bluefly is a Business-to-consumer retailer site that operates in the marketplace of internet retailing.
Now please write the following two requirement of Business proposal based on Bluefly.
· Background
o Brief description of the business describing the nature and purpose of the business.
· Rationale
o Brief overview of how this business can be accessed online and linked to e-commerce. Describe a profile of the typical customer / client who would purchase your product or utilize your service, giving a brief value proposition: i.e. answer the “why” question for your idea; describe the benefit(s) that your product or service provides customers and/or the void it fills in the marketplace. In short, why would customers buy your product or service?
This is my part of the group assignment for Business Proposal. Please download the business proposal template for additional information. Also refer to the two attachments Page 73 and 82, when you writing the answers.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 433 words

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