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The purpose of this individual assignment is to further student skills in applying relevant hospitality
concepts to a real-world business case. This will enable you to understand the importance of
financial management and cost control practices within the Hospitality Industry.
Individually, you are required to interview an Executive Chef OR Food and Beverage Manager of
any food and beverage outlet. You may wish to consider an outlet you have selected in
Assessment 1. In designing your interview questions, you will need to consider the following
1. Which type of hospitality enterprise does the interviewee manage?
2. How does the interviewee maintain cost control of the:
a. Front of House Operations
b. Back of House Operations
3. Which financial control methods does the interviewee use in daily business operation?
Based on gathered responses, you are required to write an investigation report highlighting the
findings of the interview about cost control and financial management practices, and evaluate its
In preparing your investigation report, you will need to reference at least 12 sources of information.
These may include corporate websites, government publications, industry reports, census data,
journal articles, and newspaper articles.
Your report MUST follow a professional structure:
Title Page
Analysis of the interview findings
Evaluation of the findings, and its effectiveness in managing foodservice operations
Appendices (The Interview Script)
Reference List (you must apply Harvard Referencing Style)
Thank you

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2515 words including References and Appendices

Note: It is based on previous assignment
Title: Interview with a Food & Beverage Manager

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