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Assessment task 2: Literacy planning resource
Due date: June 6th, 2018, 11.55PM?
? Develop the ability to assess, plan and implement effective and inclusive English and literacy learning experiences for primary school children which reflect the complex nature of English and literacy teaching and learning in an increasingly diverse social and cultural world influenced by technological and social change. ?
? Understand how to assess, plan and implement literacy learning experiences that develop students' reading, writing, visual and oral literacy skills. ?
? Become competent in their personal literacies, including a range of information and communication technologies. ?
Australian Professional Standards for Teachers : 2.3, 3.2, 5.4?For further APST information, please refer to: https://
Details of task: The purpose of the task is for you to design a planning resource based on your analysis of one student’s assessment data. You need provide a carefully designed sequence of learning activities that supports the student's understanding and competence as a language and literacy learner. ?Task sequence
(Must analysis one student’s learning, not describe)
1. You need to choose a set of student data from those provided on Moodle. (I CHOSE YEAR 1 student data which i have attached in PDF, student named KK, please use ‘KK’ as the student name in the essay)?
2. Analyse the data indicating what the student can do as a
reader and writer and identify future literacy learning goals
(for the next ?few weeks). ?
3. Include details of the teaching and learning that is designed to address the student’s learning needs with your planned teaching ?
embedded in the classroom teaching approaches introduced in this unit (selecting from, but not exclusive to, shared and guided ?
reading, and shared, interactive and guided writing) need to plan 3-4 lessons on it ?
plan the learning activities within the classroom setting to support this individual learning and MUST link to Victorian curriculum (
4. Include details of the performance indicators that will demonstrate how students have successfully engaged with the learning ?
tasks, with reference to curriculum documents and frameworks.
Word count/equivalent: 2000 words equivalent?
Weighting/Value: 50%?
Presentation requirements: The assignment should conform to APA 6th edition writing and referencing style.
Criteria for marking:
? You have analysed the literacy data provided to detail the student's knowledge of literacy and have identified areas for focussed teaching. ?
? You have developed a teaching and learning sequence to maximise the student's literacy learning, drawing on approaches to classroom literacy teaching introduced in this unit. ?
? You have included details of the performance indicators that demonstrate students' engagement with the learning tasks. ?
? Your paper draws on substantive and authoritative sources to support your contentions, with emphasis on the unit's readings. ?
? Your writing demonstrates a well-expressed, clearly proof-read and coherent development of ideas and your paper complies with ?the word limit set for this task (plus/minus 10%). ?
? You have used correct citation conventions and accurately recorded the bibliographic details of texts cited in your paper. ?(An assessment rubric will be available on Moodle.) ?
From my lecturer:
You will be focusing on the one student which i have attached in PDF (YEAR
1 student data)
In the section of learning sequence that you develop will be embedded in classroom teaching approaches such as shared and guided reading, and shared, interactive and guided writing.
So - a 'random example' , as part of your data analysis (not related to this assignment) you might note the student is not understanding the difference between literal and inferential reading....Therefore you might develop an activity as part of a guided reading session which focused on inferential / literal reading strategies... So the activity is targeted to the student need - but within the context of a classroom program.
This assignment takes the view that you are only analysing one student... therefore you are focusing on a learning sequence for one student - but within the context of a classroom...
One of the example FROM MY CLASSMATE below:
I am planning for the needs identified within a whole classroom teaching setting - e.g. while students are undertaking independent reading a small group with like need will be brought together for explicit teaching of x using
guided teaching - the small group teaching focus is important, as this will
address the student's learning needs.
look at the concepts (eg: literal and inferential comprehension) and apply
some of the concepts covered in these weeks to the data to consider the
reading behaviours evident in the data.
4-5 sentence for introduction and conclusion
Useful link to understand ‘ how to take running records’

Literacy Teaching Toolkit:

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2839 words including References

Note: It is based on previous assignments

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