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1 Portfolio
Assessment Title
Consolidated Portfolio
Task Description
In this unit you are required to complete a weekly portfolio. A portfolio provides evidence of previous experience and presents a dynamic record of your growth and professional learning over the duration of this unit. Your portfolio provides an account of your learning based on your practice and your critical reflection.
Further information is available on the Moodle site.
Your task is to write a weekly portfolio reflecting upon your learnings from the prior week. In your portfolio you will identify:
1. The learning outcomes and module/topic of the unit;
2. A description of your experience, including reading samples or records;
3. Your learning from your experiences;
4. Any supporting documentation of prior or current learning.
The primary purpose of this assessment item is to help you to develop skills for discussing the value of project management for mining, plant and large asset operators and owners. The secondary purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to enhance your analysis, critical thinking and written communication skills; particularly in the areas of thinking about and reflecting on your personal and workplace practice. Developing a portfolio, as a result, makes your learning more explicit as you translate your workplace and personal experiences into documented evidence. You can then learn to critically examine the nature of your learning on this unit in relation to specific experiences in your project management practise and demonstrate that you have learned from those experiences and how you have achieved or maintained your professional competence as a result.
You will be provided on the Moodle web site with a portfolio template. You should use this template and upload a weekly portfolio to the Moodle web site. At the end of this unit you will consolidate your portfolio into a single document and upload an overall consolidated portfolio submission. Your portfolio should contain a coherent, but necessarily restricted review of the academic literature related to the project management topics for each week. You should also include a weekly reference list formatted in the prescribed style. You are also encouraged to include a bibliography. This assessment item involves researching the topics to enhance your understanding of each concept through a utilisation of academic literature and secondary sources. Whilst you must use the recommended textbook you should also refer to other sources on the Moodle web site and additional relevant peer reviewed academic journal articles of your choosing.
You are encouraged to discuss your ideas with your business and student colleagues on the unit discussion forum, before submitting your portfolio.
The file submitted must be a Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) document.
Submit a copy of your consolidated portfolio online through the unit website on Moodle.
Please be aware that the Consolidated Portfolio is a 1-2 page essay reflecting on your learnings and experience through the term and is NOT your weekly portfolios put together.
Assessment Due Date
Review/Exam Week Monday (4 Jun 2018) 11:45 pm AEST
Return Date to Students
Exam Week Friday (15 Jun 2018)
Assessment Criteria
The assessment for this assignment will consist of a measurement of how comprehensively you address the following criteria:
1. Evidence of weekly portfolio’s being done as the consolidated portfolio refers to the reflections of the weekly topics (be aware that the weekly portfolios are NOT assignments and are not marked)
2. Reflections of the unit learning outcomes of the term referring to -reflections- relevant in selected weeks.
3. Clear reference to topics covered in the course in the reflection.
A more detailed assessment criteria will be published on the Moodle web site.
Referencing Style
• American Psychological Association (APA)
Submission Instructions
Upload to Moodle as a single Microsoft Word document
Learning Outcomes Assessed
• Review using clear terminology the key areas and processes of project, program and portfolio management practices as applies to asset rich organisations.
• Discuss the relevance of tools and techniques for investigating and describing project process related to developing new workings, facilities, equipment, plant and processes for justifying, designing, developing, or maintaining existing facilities and equipment within the context of their technological and asset lifecycle status.
• Present and interpret major processes that are based on sound policy, information, and research that enable project justification, tenders, contracts, and selection criteria to occur in an asset rich organisation.
• Critically analyse management strategies and operational activities from a broad perspective to ensure safety and quality, to avoid overruns or rework, to manage variations and claims, and to make decisions to discontinue or close projects.
• Demonstrate an effective, professional level of teamwork and communication and support collaborative peer group learning.
Graduate Attributes
• Knowledge
• Communication
• Cognitive, technical and creative skills
• Research
• Ethical and Professional Responsibility