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HRPD 712
Assignment #1 – Strategic Management
Assignment Type: Pair Report
50 Marks (15% of final course grade)
1. Prepare responses to the 4 questions/tasks outlined below.
2. Prepare a word-processed file of no more than 8 pages double spaced, with a font size of no more than 14 and no less than 12.
3. Papers of more than 8 pages double-spaced will be penalized; References and In-Text Citations (APA format) must be part of the 8 pages.
4. Please include a cover page noting your names and student ID’s (this page will not be included as part of your overall page count).
5. Please submit to drop box a copy of your assignment by 11:30pm, the week of June 4, 2018 on the day you have class with me. Late papers will be penalized 5% per day unless extenuating circumstances prevail as per the School of Business Assignment Policy.

6. The paper must be authored by the HRPD 712 Summer 2018 students to be graded.
Students will conduct research to compare and contrast competitive strategies as it relates to the HRM function.
Students will also conduct primary research to identify companies that operate under the three corporate strategies reviewed in Chapter 1 and class discussions. There will also be an opportunity to explore the strength of mission statements.
Students will also prepare supporting and opposing positions on the role of HR as a strategic partner based on Chapter 2 and in-class discussions.
Question #1: (24 marks)
• First step is to select two companies in the same industry sector (hotels, restaurants, post-secondary institutions for example) one company must be utilizing a low-cost provider strategy and the other a differentiation strategy.
• Your task is to compare and contrast the practices of these two organizations with particular emphasis on the impact these competitive strategies have on the following human resource management functions including:
o recruitment and selection,
o orientation and training,
o performance appraisal and
o compensation
o Ensure that as you compare and contrast that you provide at least 3 items (insights) per HRM function noted (4) for each organization.
o Your submission can be completed in chart format with bullets.
An effective way of tackling this exercise is to select two businesses with which you are familiar as this gives you some additional knowledge.
Question #2: (9 marks)
• Identify 3 (three) companies currently utilizing each of the 3 (three) corporate strategies;
• Restructuring Corporate Strategy - 3 Companies
• Growth Corporate Strategy – 3 Companies
• Stability Corporate Strategy – 3 Companies
Question #3: (3 marks)
• Review the three mission statements below and briefly assess whether they meet the “person on a bus” test as identified in the course text. Identify yes/no and provide a brief discussion for each statement.
• To provide book lovers and those they care about with the most inspiring retail and online environments in the world for books and life-enriching products and services.
• X is dedicated to building a world-class national resource enabling Canadians to know their country and themselves through their published heritage and to providing an effective gateway to national and international sources of information.
• X is an independent campaigning organization that use nonviolent, creative confrontation to expose global environmental problems and to force the solutions essential to a green and peaceful future.
Question #4: (10 marks)
• Discuss 5 possible reasons why HR WOULD be considered a “strategic” contributor to an organization.
• Discuss 5 possible reasons why HR might NOT be considered a “strategic” contributor to an organization.
Evaluation Guidelines
Your report will be evaluated on the quality of your ability to:
1. Provide a comprehensive comparison and contrast of two organizations, one pursuing a low-cost provider strategy, the other pursuing a differentiation strategy.
24 marks
You will provide at least 3 insights across the 4 different HRM functions outlined.
2. Identify companies using different corporate strategies
9 marks
Identify 3 (three) companies currently operating under each of the 3 (three) corporate strategies: restructuring, growth and stability.
3. Mission Statements. 3 marks
Review the three mission statements below and briefly assess whether they meet the “person on a bus” test. Remember this is not opinion based, your discussion must be based on meeting the criteria laid out on the “person on the bus” test.
4. HR as strategic or not strategic as a business contributor. 10 marks
You must provide 5 comprehensive arguments that support both perspectives.
5. Writing/Communication Effectiveness 4 marks
? The report is error free (spelling/grammar/punctuation)
? The report is concise and professional (communication is clear and to the point)
? Clearly utilizes proper APA format and identifies at least 5 separate sources.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1943 words including References

Title: Strategic Management

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