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Governance and Stewardship Paper (509)
Assessment 3 Governance and Stewardship Paper
Write a summative paper on seminal theories of governance and stewardship that inform effective organizational leadership in non-profit or for-profit organizations. Your assertions should be supported with a minimum of ten scholarly sources from the literature. The paper, written entirely in the third person per APA 6 format requirements and supported by appropriate theories and research, incorporating biblical/ ethical principles, should include:

? an introduction;
? a discussion of key theories of governance that have contributed to organizational effectiveness in general (a minimum of three theories should be discussed;
? contributions of stewardship theory in general to effective governance in non-profit and for-profit organizations;
? the relationship of a leader’s values and beliefs to effective governance in organizations;

Organisation should be publicly visible.
Minimum 1 reference per 100 words.
Word count:
Part 1 Introduction: 500
Part 2 Literature review ( Includes 10 quality journals)
Introduction: 100
Body: 800
Conclusion: 100
Part 3 Conclusion: 1000
Conclusion may include any recommendation

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