Recent Question/Assignment

In a critical essay you are asked to present your viewpoint and to argue for it. This means giving evidence or justification for your evaluations. plans, and conclusions. and being clear where the evidence or arguments are uncertain or raise further questions.
NOTE: You should draw on learning from the text and class activities, discussions wrath others, and relevant academic references.
Include the following sections:
1) An introduction stating the structure of your essay (about 300 words). C tut.'
2) A brief review of relevant literature to show: (a) your understanding of the concept of ethical decision making and its relationship to effective managerial practice. (b) what capabilfbes and Skills are necessary to promote good ethical decision making. (c) a discussion of how personality (including the validity of personality measurements) relates to good ethical decision making, and (d) a one-paragraph summary of the literature review towards the end of the section. All these should be about 1.000 words citing it least l0 non-textbook references. in addition to the textbook.
I An evaluation which is based from a minimum of three questionnaires that you are instructed to take in the current unit. Specificaly, you should include the Big Five personality instrument and two other questionnaires. Refer to Blackboard modules link to access these. Think critically about the results.
4) A thorough plan that specifies your indivicluatkoah. Provide two goals and each must have its own plan which is clearly structured usingthiliSmAgiial frarneworl7 This framework can be found on Blackboard under Assessments. Informed-by your evaluation, you will review your current capabilities and focus on two skits/abilities that you will plan to improve upon. You will also indicate how and when you will learn them, and how you will know you have learned them. This section should have about 650 words.
5) A conclusion (about 200 words).
6) A reference list (not included in word count).
7) An appendix section that includes: a.) one summary of results table showing the scores of the three questionnaires you selected. and b.) scanned or photographed copies of the three questionnaires responses and results.
Present your essay professionally. keeping in mind that how you express yourself on paper reflects your set-krone as a future manager. You can discuss your work with classmates and share readings and