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I want to make assignment of supply chain management. it is of 1500 words
this is the presentation that I made for assessment task 2. you have to make report based on that presentation.
task 3 description
Demonstrate analysis, report writing and problem solving skills using the business case from Assessment Task 2. Submit a report (1500 words) via Blackboard where you answer follow-up questions related to your group presentation. You have the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of supply chain theories, concepts and tools covered in workshops and your ability to apply relevant supply chain concepts in addressing the follow-up questions.
Answer your questions in a report format, i.e. cover page, toc, introduction, main question and your answers. The maximum points you can achieve for this assignment is 50. Points will be awarded for the overall structure and logic (10), Answering each question (10 each), and conclusion (10%).
The same tips as for the presentation apply for your individual report:
1. Use a structured approach to organise the analysis and corresponding presentation of results!
2. Use selected methods, framework or concept, to which you can refer all your analysis and findings!
3. Provide examples where appropriate to substantiate your analysis/findings.
Group presentation and related materials
Workshop materials
this is task 3 that you have to make