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Part B: Individual reflection 15% - Tuesday 29th May - 700 words
Submission: Submit via turnitin
Your task in assessment 4B is to reflect on and write about how your understanding of new product or service development has been developed and/ or changed by the presentations (Task 4A) on new product development practices and success factors across a variety of organisations. Consider what you have become aware of/ or had reinforced by completing your own presentation as well as listening to those of others. Underpin you discussion with reference to relevant NPD theory.
Your reflection on NPD should focus on the differing perspectives and contexts provided by your class members (What did you learn from each other? What new insight or opinion was offered?), as well as similarities and differences in key aspects of new product development practice between the organisation you studied and the organisations studied by your fellow students.
You will need to include a short reference list in APA-6 style.This reference is not included in your word count. Note: Use of first person, e.g. -I was surprised to find.... -, is appropriate in this type of task.
This assessment task (parts A & B) have been are designed to help you consolidate your learning. You will do this by participating in a collaborative learning environment and considering alternative situations regarding NPD, based on different organisational and industry contexts.
This task aligns with subject learning outcomes 3 and 4:
• to be able to evaluate the new product practices of an organisation and make recommendations for improvement that demonstrate knowledge of success factors in new product development
• to be able to examine and critically evaluate current new product activities in the market.