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Task 2: Critical Thinking
3.1 Description of the assessment:
This task consists of three steps – i) field selection ii) find a business case and iii) analyze the business case.
***You should work on your assignment progressively in full co-ordination with your tutor.
3.2 Field Selection
In the first step of the assignment, you have to select one of the fields listed below. You should choose your field in consultation with your lab tutor –
• Software Defined Networking
• Internet of Things
• Cloud Network
• Wireless Sensor Network
3.3 Finding a Case Study
In this step, you need to find a business case in your chosen field from last two years. The business
August, 2017
NIT5140 Information Security
case can be of two types –
• A real world example, where a security breach occurs in your chosen field.
• One IEEE Journal, where authors worked toward the security of your chosen field.
3.4 Analyzing the Business Case
Analysis depends on the type of your business case –
3.4.1 A Real World Example
If it is a real world example, you need to first write a summary of the case study in your own words. Then you need to clearly identify the security breaches that occurred. Finally, you have to provide a solution that should be taken in future by the respective organization to build a shield against such attacks.
3.4.2 Research Article
You need to write a critical review of the journal that you have identified. The critical review includes – i) Summary of the Paper ii) Strength of the Paper iii) Weakness of the paper.
3.5 Task 2 Report Writing Guideline
1. Please download the IEEE Conference Template from the VU Collaborate 2. You need to use the template to write your report
3. The report should be in between 2-3 pages.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1511 words including References

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