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Summative assessment 2 Project
The owner of a new animal training school, which uses a special new technique and claims to be able to teach dogs to read, contacts your advertising agency.
The short-term goal of the new training school is to expand from its small premises on the
outskirts of Brisbane to a nationally recognised company with many schools in atrthe major cities and large provincial towns.
The long-term goal of the school is to expand, over a 10 year period, from its base in Australia into America.
Describe in report form how you would put o ether a to to: '—
• conduct market research — •A-\ Oct G crG•C k
• develop product knowledge
• examine the situation including previous marketing activities and decide on a plat of action
• clearly describe the goals that you have set
• how you would allocate roles and responsibilities to individual members of your team
• what resources will you require (including team members)
• set realistic timelines for your campaign
• describe how you will obtain budget figures and relate actual costs to the budget
• compile and attach an agenda for the inaugural team meeting
• outline promotional activities that should be planned and some advertising methods that could be used but may not be appropriate
• detail why, in your opinion, they would not be appropriate
• describe how you intend to set up relationships with relevant groups and what groups would be targeted
• what networks will be used to assist in the promotion
• what brainstorming is and why it can be useful
• review marketing activities
(1,500-2,000 words)