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Dear Expert this was the class presentation by students: The two presentations I chose are the ones in bold. Now 1st thing when writing the assessment do not say group a or group B but invent name of a company which you did is fine.
The purpose of this assessment is for groups to deliver a learning activity based on the principles of adult learning. The assessment is designed to develop your oral communication, presentation, and advocacy skills, as well as to deepen your understanding of HRD. The class will also benefit as these learning experiences will consolidate learning.
Groups will be formed by the end of week 03. Each group will then be allocated a week and a broad topic. Weeks and topics are:
1. Course design, media and methods of delivery: on the job learning
2. Course design, media and methods of delivery: e-learning
3. Implementation strategies: internal marketing of HRD programs ( for example Diversity )
4. Evaluating HRD programs
5. Special topics: Onboarding and Career Development
6. Special topics: Management Development, Employee Counselling
7. Organisational Development & Change; Knowledge management and the Global Context
You are expected to develop a structured learning activity drawn from the topic for your week and deliver a learning experience to the class. The focus of your activity is to facilitate the class’ understanding of a topic relating to learning and development. For example if you are presenting in week 07, you could choose to focus on an activity relating to marketing of HRD programs.
The selection of a topic is to be decided at the time of group formation and must be signed off by your lecturer The learning experience must incorporate the principles of adult learning and be as interactive as possible.
It is recommended that you use the relevant chapter from your textbook as a starting point for your research and then research your topic in more detail by looking for academic articles from the ACU library databases and quality business press publications (for a guide to good journals, see the Learning Resources page).You need to use a minimum of 10 high quality journal articles. The learning activity will be a maximum of 30 minutes. All members of your group should help prepare the presentation, although you may choose how many members do the in-class presentation. At least 2 members should present, but all team members must be able to respond to questions.
Please give a copy of all resources used in the presentation to your lecturer or tutor prior to the presentation. If you use slides these are to be uploaded to Turnitin.
Then for assessment you have to do : 2000 words ( PLEASE FOLLOW THE SAMPLE I SENT YOU WHICH IS MY CLASS MATE’S WORK )
Purpose: Task details:
The Head of People and Culture at “Your Organisation” has asked you to prepare a report on the quality and effectiveness the training and development provided by HRM. In preparation of this report, you have attended all of the learning activities conducted by HRM over a 2 month period (by student teams for assignment 2).
Your report is to be a business focused document outlining the importance of human resource development (HRD) and its contribution to organisational strategy. The document is to provide an evaluation of two learning activities, incorporate suggestions for improvement and recommend changes.
Choose two learning activities presented by other student teams for Assignment 2. . Please note that you may NOT use the topic that your group addressed in its presentation as the basis of discussion and analysis.
You are to evaluate the learning activities and their impact on the participants and suggest, using relevant theories and models how they might be improved next time.
Based on your learnings and peer feedback, summarise and analyse your own learnings and what you believe the learnings have been for other presenters and participants.
Using and citing theory, models and research, you need to
• analyse strengths and weaknesses of the learning activities
• identify suggested changes to improve quality and effectiveness
• discuss the implications of implementing the changes e.g. time, cost
Report Structure:
Executive Summary (300 words)
Importance of human resource development (HRD) and its contribution to organisational strategy (350 words)
Evaluation of two learning activities (500 words)
Suggestions for Improvement: (550 words)
• Suggested changes
• Implementation implications
Recommendations (300 words)
Now during those two presentations, for example the group who presented on onboarding and career development, their learning activity was 2 students in the group say 5 things about themselves then the students ( public ) has to say which one is the fake one.
And 2nd group for example: diversity. The students of the group brought juggling balls & gave to the public ( the students ) to juggle.
These are the learning activities. They are activities used during a presentation to entertain the public.
Now what you have to do in the evaluation of two learning activities is to for example group 2 did not provide much help to the public how to juggle the balls. So according to this you have to give suggestions for improvement, what activity would have been better for this presentation on diversity which will fall under RECOMMENDATIONS as well.
For group A for example: It was not enough engaging with the public. There should have been more funny things about the students of the group. Or maybe recommend another activity.
It is not a general essay it is based on my assignment 2 which is the presentation.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2374 words including References

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