Recent Question/Assignment

1. Retrieve your copy of the table that you completed in Part A.
2. Read the statements for the aspects of capabilities and rate yourself as to how well you think you exhibit these aspects now that you have completed your participation activity. Fill in the final column that is highlighted in grey, labelled “Post activity self-rating”.
Rating scale : A (Excellent), B (Highly Effective), C (Effective), D (Needs improvement or Inconsistent), E (Unsatisfactory).
You may wish to revise some of your original ratings, either up or down – this is to be expected as you measure yourself against the requirements of the activity, supervisor’s expectations and remarks, and capabilities of co-workers. Self-assessment is an ongoing process.
Some examples demonstrating the reasons why ratings may change are below;
I never saw myself as a leader so in the pre activity self-assessment I gave myself a low rating for this capability. During the report process I had the opportunity to provide guidance to other students and I realised that I had better leadership skills than I had thought, so my rating needed to be revised upwards.
I always received high marks for my essays so I thought I had excellent written communication skills. During the project I had difficulty writing a particular type of report, and realised that while my essay writing skills were good, I wasn’t so effective across other forms of writing, particularly reports. As a result, my rating needed to be revised downwards.
I got on well with people so I thought I had good interpersonal skills, but during the group interaction I was involved in a conflict situation and I realised my interpersonal skills were not as good as I originally thought they were, so my rating after the activity was lower than my pre activity rating.
Note that while no marks are attached to the self-assessment, you must submit the document entitled Skills and Capabilities audit tool, both the pre-activity and post activity versions. Marks will be given for some evidence you select as your best examples, and the reflection piece you write in Part B of this activity and, which will be based on the completed Skills and Capabilities Audit tool and the evidence you collected.

This part of the task will be marked and graded based on the following three sections of work. The total reflective journal is 2,000 words.
A. Select the 2 best pieces of evidence you have gathered, write about them in your journal, label which aspects of capability/capabilities each exemplifies and describe why this is a good piece of evidence (500 words).
B. Write and submit a 750 word section that provides your analysis and reflections about the process of self-assessment that you have undertaken and analyse the evidence you have gathered. This section relates to the pre and post skills and capabilities audit students completed as well as an overall view of the evidence collected. You are also encouraged to review your overall experience and personal change over your time at University to this stage. How have you changed?
C. Write and submit a 750 word section on your goals for both short term (12 months) and medium term (2-3 years). You are required to list the goals and give reasons why they are important to you. These goals may relate to your studies, career aspirations or other personal goals.
Part B is due in Week 12. A hard copy is to be submitted in your seminar class in the week commencing May 28th, as well as a soft copy uploaded via iLearn by midnight the same day (note that your marked copy will be the hard copy so any subsequent changes to the version you submit in the tutorial will not be considered).