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Assessment Details and Submission Guidelines
Trimester T1 2018
Unit Code
Unit Title Advanced Network Design
Assessment Type Individual written report and group demonstration – Assignment 2
Assessment Title Human factors in network analysis and design
Purpose of the assessment (with
ULO Mapping) This assignment is designed to assess students’ knowledge and skills related to the following learning outcomes:
d. Apply concepts and theories of human factors as related to network design and implementation;
e. Evaluate performance metrics and dimensions according to specifications.
Weight 15% of the total assessments
Total Marks 45
Word limit 1000 - 1500
Due Date Week 11, demonstrate during laboratory class (in groups of not more than two students) and submit a report on Moodle (individual report) by the end of week 11.
Submission Guidelines • All work must be submitted on Moodle by the due date along with a completed Assignment Cover Page.
• The assignment must be in MS Word format, 1.5 spacing, 11-pt Calibri (Body) font and 2 cm margins on all four sides of your page with appropriate section headings.
• Reference sources must be cited in the text of the report, and listed appropriately at the end in a reference list using IEEE referencing style.
Extension • If an extension of time to submit work is required, a Special Consideration Application must be submitted directly in AMS. You must submit this application within three working days of the assessment due date. Further information is available at:
• Academic Misconduct is a serious offence. Depending on the seriousness of the case, penalties can vary from a written warning or zero marks to exclusion from the course or rescinding the degree. Students should make themselves familiar with the full policy and procedure available at:
Assignment Description
In order to design a network, the first step is to collect network requirements. The network requirements are gathered from users and business requirements. The users form one of the important aspects of a successful network design. Your project is to design a network for a sports complex.
Part I:
Develop a questionnaire to gather requirements from users, sports complex management, and staff. What kinds of questions would you ask to better understand their environment and each group of users?
Hint [Questions must also be aimed at identifying what applications, the users intend to use.]
Categorise applications identified by users and devise an assessment plan of the applications for network performance.
Part II
Design a network as shown below in Figure 1, and perform a performance test for each set of applications as shown in following Table 1 to validate them. For the network design in Figure 1, Application Sets 1, 2, 3 and 4 in table 1, are located in LAN A, B, C and D respectively.
Figure 1: Network Design for Performance Analysis
Table 1: Application Performance Requirements
Application Set Performance Requirements
Capacity Reliability Delay
Application Set 1:
Application 1 550 Kb/s N/A N/A
Application 2 700 Kb/s N/A N/A
Application 3 110 Kb/s N/A N/A
Application 4 220 Kb/s N/A N/A
Application Set 2:
Application 1 125 Kb/s 99.999% N/A
Application 2 350 Kb/s N/A 80ms
Application 3 550 Kb/s 99.999% N/A
Application 4 400 Kb/s N/A N/A
Application Set 3:
Application 1 2.1 Mb/s 99.95% 30 ms
Application 2 1 Mb/s N/A N/A
Application 3 1.1 Mb/s N/A 100 ms
Application 4 320 Kb/s N/A N/A
Demonstration: Students can demonstrate in a group of 2. Students should be ready with all setup and configurations before the start of the laboratory class. The tutor will ask 2-3 questions of each student to demonstrate any configuration of the setup. The demonstration from each student should not be more than 3 minutes in duration.
Students should form their groups and inform their tutor in week 10 during laboratory class. Students will receive a demonstration timetable before the start of the week 11 laboratory class.
Marking criteria:
Section to be included in the report Description of the section Marks
Questionnaire is prepared Are questions prepared for:
1. Users 2. Management
3. Other Staff.
Purpose of each question Are the question adequate to collect requirements to design a network i.e., an explanation of each question that shows what information is intended to be gained?
Validation and verification plan
Is there a plan to verify the gathered requirements from various stakeholders? 5
Network design along with applications and their protocols is explained. A network design is laid out and all application sets are defined with applications. 5
Demonstration To demonstrate the network design using a simulator of your choice and all application sets and to present observations to achieve the application performance factors. 10
Formatting and Reference
style Follow IEEE reference style, and formatting 5
Total 45
Marking Rubrics
Grades HD = 80% D 70% to 79% P 60% to 69% C 50% to 59% F 50%
Questionnaire is prepared
Concise and specific to the project Topics are relevant and soundly analysed. Generally relevant and analysed. Some relevance and briefly presented. This is not relevant to the assignment topic.
Demonstrated excellent ability
to think critically and sourced reference material appropriately Demonstrated excellent ability to think critically but did not source reference material appropriately Demonstrate d ability to
think critically and sourced reference material appropriately Demonstrated ability to think critically and did not source reference material appropriately Did not demonstrate ability to think critically and did not source reference material appropriately
Evaluation i.e. validation and verification of Demonstrated excellent ability
to think critically and sourced Demonstrated excellent ability to think critically but Demonstrate d ability to
think critically and sourced Demonstrated ability to think critically and did not source Did not demonstrate ability to think critically and did not source reference
the questionnaire reference material appropriately did not source reference material appropriately reference material appropriately reference material appropriately material appropriately
design and its applications All elements are present and very well integrated. Components present with good cohesive Components present and mostly well integrated Most components present Proposal lacks structure.
Demonstratio n Logic is clear and easy to follow with strong arguments Consistency logical and convincing Mostly consistent logical and convincing Adequate cohesion and conviction Argument is confused and disjointed
Reference style and formatting Clear styles with excellent source of references. Clear referencing style Generally good referencing style Sometimes
clear referencing style Lacks consistency with many errors

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Word Count: 1195 words including References

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