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COIT20248 Assignment 2 – Website Design and Modelling
Presentation and Written Assessment
Due date: Week 11 Friday (25 May 2018) 12:00 am AEST ASSESSMENT
Weighting: 30% Length: No fixed length 2
This assessment relates to course learning outcomes 1 to 6 stated in the e-course profile.
Assessment 2 is a group assignment. You are required to form a group of 3-5 people. Following on Assessment 1, Assessment 2 is based on the same project case study. In Assessment 2 – Website Design and Modelling, you are required to complete tasks 1-8 below which assess your general course knowledge, particularly on modelling diagrams and Interface design from weeks 6-10 about different facets of systems development.
Please note that ALL submissions are passed through a computerized copy detection system and it is extremely easy for teaching staff to identify copied or otherwise plagiarised work.
• Copying (plagiarism) can incur penalties ranging from deduction of marks to failing the course or even exclusion from the University.
• Please ensure you are familiar with the Academic Misconduct Procedures, available from:
The tasks
In the report format used in CQUniversity (refer to the Help section below for a link to the report guide), explain how you would complete the following modelling tasks and website design. The report presentation including the references.
You are to develop the report having each task clearly numbered together with your answer. You are also expected to write an introduction and conclusion for this report. In performing the following tasks, you have to strictly follow all diagramming rules used in the text for this course.
In each task, please feel free to make any assumption necessary for the reader. The explanation of your assumptions can help the reader understand your reasoning and is as important criteria in producing your Website Design and model.
Assignment 2 is a group assignment. 3-5 students in a group. Your course knowledge gained about how to model the system requirements in both the object-oriented and traditional system analysis approaches will be assessed through the tasks in assignment 2. You need to submit a design of a website. You are to complete the following task in the order given based on the case study provided to you on Moodle:
1. Find out all Critical Use Cases
2. Draw Context Level diagram.
3. Draw Level 0 data flow diagram depicting all the business process description provided.
4. Draw ERD showing all required entities and its relationships.
5. Draw CRUD diagram.
6. Identify and provide all the required data elements you will need for your data entities for the case study provided.
7. Provide a prototype of website design and architecture you have developed based on the case study.
8. Details of individual group members contributions (one page each) towards the development of the project.
At week 11, there will be a presentation based on the case study.
Presentation based on the case study :
Students need to present the website design in the designated tutorial/ class time. Students need to specify the advantages and disadvantages of tools they have used to develop the website design. The website design is a prototype. Students are not required to implement the design. No Database connectivity is required. Students can choose some default value for the label and text field they are using in the design. Students should click the photographs and images they would like or wish to display on the website. Students may use photographs/ images from the web but they are required to reference it properly.
Help on writing reports is contained in the Faculty Guide for Students – Chapter 4 Academic
Report Writing:
You may also benefit from a video supplied by the CQUniversity Academic Learning Centre available here:
COIT20248 - Information System and Analysis
Students ID's
Student Names:
Topic Marks Allocated Marks Comments
Introduction 5
Find Out All Critical Use Cases 5
Context Level Diagram 5
Level 0 Diagram 5
ERD showing All Entities & Relationships 5
CRUD Diagram 5
Provide a prototype of website design and architecture you have developed based on the case study
Details of individual group members contribution towards the development of the project.
Conclusion and summary 5
Presentation 45 0
Total 100 0
Presentation marking Criteria is given as below:
Marks Allocated Marks Requirements
Stay on Topic
10 The presentation is on-topic and does not go on tangents. Marks will be lost for spending too much time on non-related material.
Fulfil requirements of topic
25 The requirements of the chosen topic are met and provided for. Studets get marks for ensuring that all of the aspects of their topic are covered.
Slide Style
7.5 use text, images, videos and other resources, to create an impactful presentation.
Presentation style
The presenter is confident, The report is well presented, with diagrams, headings, and tables .
Total 50 0
Total Out of 45 0

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