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The student is to write a journal article (for mock publication) about a topic of relevance to Registered Nurses, particularly those beginning their practice. The topic is to be selected from the list below. The article is expected to have a theme (i.e. a ‘point’, a statement or an argument) and then be supported from appropriate and current literature.
The purpose of the article is to accomplish the learning objectives. To give it a context it is to be considered as an article for a mock Australian journal which is to be published for New Graduates (Beginning Practitioners, new Registered Nurses) as they enter into professional practice as an RN.
The topics each must have an Australian and ‘new graduate’ focus. Choose one of the followings:
1. The experience of transition of an RN into the organisation – achieving ‘cultural fit’ in the clinical setting.
2. Socialization for transitioning Registered Nurses into the clinical area of practice
3. The transitioning registered nurse’s scope of practice in working in specialty teams of the Emergency Department, Intensive Care or Perioperative setting.
4. Delegating duties to other personnel including non-licensed workers as a transitioning Registered Nurse
Assignment Process:
1. Essay conventions are expected. 2. The article is to contain:
a. An abstract (250 words) – what is the article about; the key findings; the conclusions; how does this impact practice?
b. Introduction (200 words) – description of what it is you will be exploring – the theme and the topic
c. Significance of the issue (200 words) - why the theme and topic is important to an RN as they transition into practice
d. Discussion – what do the key findings in the literature say about your theme and topic? (600 words)
e. Evaluation – what significant strategies arise from the discussions that could be actioned in practice (550 words)
f. Conclusion (200 words) – a summary of the main points g. References are not included in the word count but MUST be included at the end of the journal article.
3. The aim is to write current and pertinent information targeted for novice Registered Nurses in the Australian Environment.
Although writing ‘to’ this audience – the article should be in third person and not second (i.e. ‘the nurse’ rather than ‘you’)
5. A high level of scholarship (researching the literature, using the literature and writing the paper) is expected. Each section of the mock journal article must be supported through the use of best practice literature.
6. A minimum of 12 pertinent and current resources is expected. Current means in this course 10 years ‘young’ unless a seminal (classic) work.
7. The topics above are ‘topics’ not themes. It is expected students will design a theme from one of these topics and clearly demonstrate that argument through the paper.
8. The article is to be published as an assignment – there are NO marks for spending time ‘publishing’ and formatting it for a journal (with attractive columns, pictures, fonts etc.) This is not a good use of student time as it is the content, writing and referencing skills which are being assessed.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2644 words including References

Topic- Socialization for transitioning Registered Nurses into the clinical area of practice

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