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Please design the questionnaire for tourists who have previously bought and/or will buy conspicuous products and services while travelling. Hopefully, the topic is more focus (population - tourists) and thus easier for you to design the questionnaire and write the report.
Assessment Guide
Part A: Questionnaire development (20%) Due: Friday Week 9, 23.59 pm
In pairs, design a questionnaire to address the following management problem.
Conspicuous consumption is generally seen by many researchers as a process or means to achieve or maintain status and other social benefits, mainly through the consumption of luxury goods. As the relevant literature suggests, it may be an instrument of signaling. Literature provides enough evidence to show that consumers get into conspicuous consumption of status products to improve their social standings, with peer pressure and social comparisons being two key influencing factors. It can also be a matter of self-fulfillment or just serve as a means to fill social voids. Conspicuous consumption patterns depend not only on personal traits of the consumers, but also on the surrounding socioeconomic and cultural background. However, there is a lack of research concerning conspicuous consumption generally and in Asia in particular. The Department of Consumer affair decided to commission research to get a better understanding of the factors such as socio demographics, cultural values and shopping motivation that influence the future behavioral intention of conspicuous consumption. A quantitative method research will be applied using a questionnaire survey with customers.
Design a survey questionnaire with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 questions to gather data to address the management problem. Use a mix of open and closed question formats. At least, one of your questions must employ a replicable scale – a scale that has previously been tested in the academic literature relating to consumer behaviors and found to be reliable and valid. Ensure your questionnaire has a brief introduction to inform respondents as to the purpose of the research.
In addition, write a brief 1000 word report explaining the structure of the questionnaire and the steps your group took in designing it to address the management problem.
• Assignment cover sheet (signed Declaration);
• Questionnaire
• Brief report.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1417 words including References

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