Recent Question/Assignment

For this assignment you will take on the role of an external change consultant to an organisation you select whose information is publicly available on the internet.
As a group, your task will be to:
1. conduct web-based research on the organisation and its context environment;
2. collect relevant background information of the organisation and the environment in which it operates which identifies the current organisational status.
3. identify and discuss the forces for change relevant and applicable to the organisation;
4. critically consider the key problem issue pertaining to the organisation that suggests the need for change;
5. identify an appropriate post-change situation that is desired (that is, identify the key change you are proposing);
6. suggest likely problems that may be encountered in achieving that goal;
7. bring together your findings into a concise and cohesive whole;
8. make recommendations on how to implement the change in relation to relevant organisational change theories.
Team project submission:
The team assessment submission should comprise a report and a set of power point slides.
Your report should be professionally written addressed to the Board of Directors, but should also observe the requirements of academic writing. It should adopt the following structure and include:
* Cover letter– (Addressed to the Chair of the Board)
* Title page
* Executive summary
* Table of contents
* Introduction
* Body of the report (using appropriate headings and subheadings; this should comprise approx. 70%, of your report; fully referenced). This should be the major portion of your report, and should include discussion of and reference to the information gathered; analysis, presentation of the argument and interpretation pertaining to the collected information
* Conclusion (drawn from your analysis and discussions )
* Recommendations (that emerge from your conclusions)
* Reference List
* Appendices (if relevant and as appropriate)
The report should be thoroughly and correctly referenced using the UniSA Harvard referencing system. (Minimum 20 different references are required from the Change literature; at least 10 of which must be from articles in the course e-Readings provided in this course). The referencing style to be used is the UniSA Harvard style. You should include a reference list that shows all sources cited in your assignment – a bibliography is NOT required. The word count limit (3000 words) incorporates everything from the first word of the Introduction to the final word in the Recommendations at the end of the report.
Please ensure that your report is presented in a way that is professional and readable for both your course lecturer and industry managers.