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MKTG600 Assignment 2 ‘Mini Brief’ 3
Based on the organisation, the brand, the competitors, the market and the consumers, outline proposed marketing strategies (drawing on your knowledge about current marketing strategies) for your chosen brand.
1. Proposed marketing strategies
For your response to Mini Brief 3 use a Word document, and use report style formatting. The title that you should include is ‘Response to Assignment 2 Mini Brief 3’, followed by the brand that your group is working on. Please also include the word count on the cover page (the main body should not exceed 600 words. Please use citations for all sources utilized within text, and include a Bibliography at the end of the document (not included in the word count).
The following is a guide to the structure and numbering) that you should use in the document:
1. Overview of the Proposed Marketing Strategy – consider what the key issues that need to be addressed are? What strengths can be drawn on? What weaknesses should be addressed? What are the opportunities? How might threats best be addressed? How are all the above best addressed in a single unified future marketing strategy?
2. Marketing Mix Elements & The Strategy – how each of the marketing mix elements separately and together will contribute to the proposed strategy? Examine each in turn, using sub-headers (4 P’s for Honda Civic), then comment on how they will work together to deliver on the proposed strategy.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 725 words including References

Topic: Honda CIVIC

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