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Student Assessment
Project Assessment Task 1
For this task, you are to undertake project work. To develop the project, you can choose between your
current workplace or any organisation of your choice.
This project requires you to:
• Define project scope, stakeholders and your own responsibilities.
• Implement start-up activities through updating and confirming the project plan (key dates, activities, resources, compliance, etc.); understanding the project stakeholders, establishing appropriate systems, and using appropriate project management tools
• Consultation and communication with the relevant stakeholders to generate input and engagement in planning, implementing and reviewing the project.
• Monitoring the project appropriately.
• Human resource management including ongoing support to team members and smooth transition at the end of the project.
• Finalise project including documentation, sign-offs and reporting.
Project must include / address the following
• acquisition strategies
• cost estimates
• expected outcomes
• Facilities
• inclusions and exclusions from project
• intellectual property strategies
• objectives
• people plan including HR development
• project control mechanisms
• project governance strategy
• quality assurance
• quality standards for project
• required project resources
• risk management
• schedule/timeline contract management
• evaluation criteria
• measurable benefits of the project
• information/communication strategy
• milestones
• outputs/project deliverables
• people plan including HR management
• performance criteria/indicators
• project implementation strategy
• purpose
• quality control
• rationale
• resource management
• roles and responsibilities
• task/work breakdown structure (WBS)
At the completion of the project, you are to review its overall success. You are to do this by answering the following questions:
Did the project result in the benefits defined in your business case?
• Did it achieve the objectives outlined in the terms of reference?
• Did it operate within the scope of the terms of references?
• Did the deliverables meet the criteria defined in the quality plan?
• Was it delivered within the schedule outlined in the project plan?
• Was it delivered within the budget outlined in the financial plan?
Evidence Summary
You are to submit the following
• A copy of your detailed project plan, that includes all aspects outlined above
• Your written review
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