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Final Report
This is a 4,000 word technical report describing the next and final stage of this project. Similarly to the Interim Report, this report will have the 4,000 word descriptive section followed by the detailed analysis in your appendices. Do not include any analysis in your descriptive report.
You will use the analytical techniques outlined in lecture topics 8 to 12 of the study program.
This report will cover the following components/elements specifically (as well as any other component not previously covered );
1. Motor(s) selection
2. Gear box design ( includes gears, shafts, bearings & mounts, gearbox housing, lubrication, assembly and maintenance aspects )
3. Winch design ( includes winch drum, winch shaft and bearings, winch and motor mount, threaded fasteners, welds.)
4. Wire rope selection
5. Brake design ( this is used to halt and lock the winch position whenever it is not being used in raise or lower mode.)
6. Any other component which you have included in your overall design.
7. Surface treatment of the main structure.
8. Assembly of all the components and erection of the crane to the rails.
9. Specify any signage on the lift as well as indicate lift control method.
10. Specify and conduct any test or commissioning procedure ( refer Standards )
11. Hand over to client

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