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Assessment 4: Group Analytical Report
Allocation: 20 %
Due Date: Week 10
Submission: Submit report via VU Collaborate Assessment Dropbox
The objective of this assignment is to develop and present an informed opinion about foundational issues in business ethics. Using moral reasoning and ethical principles, the assignment should describe key moral issues.
Workplace Ethics
Each group will pick on ONE Contemporary Business Ethics Dilemmas (Discuss the selection of this topic with your tutor) and discuss the ethical framework on the following level:
1) Individual Level
• Explain issues you see in the identified ethical dilemma (One that is placed in business or organizational context).
• You will then analyse this issue at all the above levels.
• Critically analyse (do not describe superficially) the ethical issue(s) ( question your moral stance and challenge what are the views of individuals today on ethics)
• Use research - read the text, plus a minimum of 2-3 x good journal articles (not Google or Wiki) to support.
• Keep the report within 500 words.
• Must use Harvard Style Referencing
• Ensure your report flows well in reading.
• Professional report style submission.
Step 1: Read the Assessment rubric
Step 2: Locate and read some recent journal articles (do research) to support your report.
Step 3: Using your research to support your views, address the ethics at each level identified above.
Step 4: Complete the Student Declaration and attach to the submission via Turnitin.
Marking criteria: (See VU Collaborate for complete criteria)

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 652 words including References

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