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Assessment 3: Essay on a selected area of research about anticipated cultural and political impacts for a selected future event
2000 WORDS- DUE 11/05/2018
- Students are required to develop an essay that identifies, examines and discusses a key cultural and/or political issue or impact that is anticipated in the conduct of a selected future event.
- The essay should include recommendations for event organizers that are designed to offset negative impacts and/or take advantage of positive impacts.
Event: FIFA WORLD CUP in RUSSIA 2018 (Jun14- Jul 15)
Key Issue: Discrimination (Hooligans and Racism toward LGBT, black and minority ethnic fans).
Essay structure:
- Introduction
- Research, analysis and discussion
- Conclusion and RECOMMENDATIONs
- ACADEMIC and online sources of references
- APA referencing
ESSAY FORMAT- In Text References
Aiming result: 65-75%

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2346 words including References

Topic: Politic and Culture for EVENT

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