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Assessment 2: Group assignment
Length: 2500 words,
This length limit does not include any text, figures, tables, in-text references, the cover page, table of contents, or list of references and any appendices (at the end of assignment).
Topic: Workplaces today are undergoing dramatic changes and the future presents many challenges and opportunities for both HRM and employees.
Technological change, particularly the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and new generation robotics, are said to represent a “third wave” of economic development that will displace current jobs and current employment patterns and will fundamentally impact upon the very fabric of society itself.
1. Broadly discuss these trends and also discuss their impact at the societal level in 40 to 50 year’s time. Will society be better or worse overall for most people? 500 words
2. Select 3 occupations e.g. Taxi drivers, doctors, teachers, supervisors, small business owners, creative industries
a. present data on the current demographics for these occupations in Australia as well as the changes in that group over the last 40 years. You must establish the size and composition of that occupational category going back to 1970 and analyze trends.
b. then predict the future situation for your chosen occupations in 2060 Consider major decline, no change or major improvement and indicate which is most likely and justify. 500 words for each occupation, separate headings for each 3.
Finally, in your conclusion please discuss (500 words)
a) What are the implications for employees today (i.e. different way of working, new skills etc.)?
b) What are the implications for leaders and managers?
Format your report should be structured as follows:
1. Introduction – AI and robotics (500 words)
This states the purpose and structure of the paper, and identifies the main theme or proposition(s) that you are trying to prove. It tells the reader what to expect.
2. Body - Choose 3 occupations and demonstrate changes over the last 40 years (500 words each)
1. In the body of the paper you are trying to build a logical argument that supports the main theme or proposition. The body needs to be consistent with what you have said you are going to do in the introduction.
2. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence, and the points you are making should reflect that topic.
3. Use theory and examples to explain your argument. Remember that you are trying to present a logical, cohesive and clear analysis of the key issues that you have identified, and to use these to support your proposition or theme in a systematic way.
4. You only have 2500 words therefore you will need to be succinct and persuasive in presenting your argument.
3. Conclusion and recommendations (500 words)
1. A conclusion is not just a list of the key points you have made. You need to draw together your key points to demonstrate that you have supported your theme or proven your proposition(s)
. 2. The conclusion needs to be consistent with both the introduction and the body of the report.
Use of academic literature/overall presentation
1. Makes limited use of textbook (or other text books), relying on primary sources to support the argument. Appropriate and accurate demographic analysis showing evidence of research skills
2. Sources are referenced consistently and comprehensively using the APA or Harvard referencing system.
3. Use of language appropriate to an academic report; Presentation is professional (e.g. spell and grammar checked, judicious use of headings, etc).

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2953 words including Diagrams and References

Editable Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
Slide Count: 8 slides with Speaker Notes

Title: Artificial Intelligence and Economic Development

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