Recent Question/Assignment

this is my third assignment, which is also a group project. but i want to do my part only here, So just 5-6 slides i require with speaking notes. And it should be related to management only.
Group Presentation to Industry Panel
Weighting 40%
30 minutes duration
Groups of 4 industry related students
In Workshop Four, students will be required to make a group presentation to an Industry Representative or Panel. At Workshop 1, students will be allocated into groups of four based on career or industry interest areas.
Students will need to prepare in PowerPoint (or similar software) an employment quality presentation covering the following elements:
Employment trends in that industry or sector
An overview of desirable Graduate Attributes for students seeking post study employment in that sector
An individual 3 minute pitch on their suitability for their chosen career path
Each group must present for 30 minutes, inclusive of 12 minutes for individual pitch presentations. Each individual must present for 15 minutes inclusive of a 3 minute elevator pitch.
For assessment purposes, students must submit their presentation and detailed speaking notes on each slide by 6pm on the day of Workshop 4. Industry feedback on the Presentations will be taken into account as part of the assessment outcome for this element.