Recent Question/Assignment

this is my second assignment which is group project... but am gonna do group report of 3000 words and the other member will do the presentations.
This piece of assessment will be delivered in 2 parts - as a 20 minute verbal presentation (40%) and as a 3,000 word written submission (60%).
The group assessment is about analysis of human resource management practices in an organization of your choice. The topic of analysis must be drawn from the topics covered in the seminar series (e.g. staffing (including recruitment and selection), performance management, diversity management, training and development, employee relations, compensation, etc.) and must be jointly agreed upon by all group members. The project will be completed in groups of 4 students.
The verbal presentation and written submission should include the following 4 parts-
1. A brief introduction which provides an overview of the chosen organization and the HRM function within that organization chosen for examination.
2. Reason for selection of the HRM function for examination.
3. An examination of the relevant literature on that/those HRM-related function/s
4. Based on your examination of the relevant literature on that/those HRM-related functions/s your recommendations for improvement. Please remember that these recommendations must be supported by evidence found in literature not on your personal opinions.
Each group will make a powerpoint guided verbal presentation on the project findings in class on 14 May 2018. It should be assumed that the verbal presentation is being delivered to the executive team and senior managers within the chosen organization and the written submission is a follow-up of that verbal presentation. In addition to the verbal presentation, each group will submit a written submission which will include all relevant power points (those used in the verbal presentation plus any new ones that group members would like to include at this stage) as well as accompanying notes that explain the power points.
The group project report and PPT slides with notes, are due to be submitted on learnonline on or before 20 May 2018 by 11 pm Adelaide time. Completeness of argument, depth of analysis, and clarity of writing will be evaluated. Evidence of wide research will be rewarded. More details will be discussed in class.
Mark allocation for the group project:
Written group report - Weighting 60%
Group presentation - Weighting 40%
Written Group Report format-
Note that the project report should be submitted in 'report' format (and not in essay format).
the lecturer has sent us the examples of reports also which am attaching here. these are the examples of previous students who excelled in the assignments.