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ASSESSMENT TEMPLATE___________________________________________________
Subject Title Principles of Marketing
Subject Code MKT600
Lecturer Donna Gill and Michael Penfold
Semester 1, 2018
Assessment Title Marketing Plan Report
Learning Outcome/s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Assessment type (group or individual) Individual
Weighting 50%
Word count
Written: 3,000 words +/- 10% (Excess words can be placed in the appendices)
Due date Written Report:
Submission: Week 13, 1 June 5:00pm submitted via Moodle (Turn-It-In)
Submission type
Paper copy ? Turnitin ?
Format / Layout of Assessment
Marketing Plan:
ICMS Cover Page
Title Page
Executive Summary
Table of Contents
Situation Analysis
Macro-environmental factors
Micro-environmental factors
SWOT Analysis
Target Market
Marketing Mix Strategy
Implementation & Evaluation
Appendices ?
Assessment instructions (clear, succinct, without repetition) The marketing plan is to be based on a company of your choice. You are expected to analyse the current market conditions, target market, marketing mix and then formulate recommendations. It is suggested that you do NOT choose successful multinationals such as McDonald’s, Apple, Sony, Nike etc. Instead select a company that has a product or service that is a fairly
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ASSESSMENT TEMPLATE___________________________________________________
new introduction into the marketplace OR is in the decline stage of the product life cycle.
Readings for the assessment (instructions where they can be found e.g. MyAthens database, Moodle etc.) Download a copy of the marketing plan template on Moodle.
Grading Criteria / Rubric See below
Marketing Plan Rubric
Mark Awarded Total
Executive Summary 2.5% /2.5
Situation Analysis
Company Background 5%
Marketing Environment 10%
Competitor Analysis 5%
SWOT Analysis 5%
Marketing Objectives 5% /5
Marketing Strategies
(Current and Recommended)
Target Market(s) &
Positioning 10%
Product Strategies 10%
Pricing Strategies 10%
Distribution Strategies 10%
Promotion Strategies 10%
Implementation & Evaluation 2.5% /2.5
Format, Written Expression & Presentation 5% /5
- Degree of research undertaken
- Accuracy of referencing***
*** Please note that plagiarism will result in a zero mark being awarded for this assessment.
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Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 3540 words including Graphs and References

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