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And make sure you use my referencing am sending you guys never use them I always emphasise for you guys to use them that why am send them. Should be within 5yrs
4 referencing lists make sure you use research base evidence intext and referencing lists
Words count 400. But you will need to use images pictures, diagram and dot point to explain the question
This Assessment is about
Topics: Teams of students will be required to select one (1) of the following topics. They must appropriately research both the sides of the topic and provide a summation displaying which side they support and discuss the related health impacts.
The team’s answer to their question is to be presented as an e-poster. The e-poster may include pictures or diagrams if relevant. Relevant and current citations must be used for e- poster content.
Each answer has a word limit equivalent (400 in total for each person in the group); each answer must be supported with citations.
This is the question that needs to be answer
Diet plays a key role in reducing the risk of an acute exacerbation of asthma. Agree/disagree and discuss the health impacts of your viewpoint using evidence based research.
And my part in the group is to DISAGREE not agree and no introduction or conclusion just go straight to the question and answer it,
Again you need to cite all of your sources including images e.g. (Brotto & Rafferty, 2016; Farrell, Dempsey, Smeltzer, & Bare, 2014)
In APA format: For example:
Brotto, V., & Rafferty, K. (2016). Clinical dosage calculations for Australia & New Zealand (2nd edition. ed.). South Melbourne, Vic.: Cengage Learning Australia.
Farrell, M., Dempsey, J., Smeltzer, S., & Bare, B. (2014). Smeltzer and Bare's textbook of medical-surgical nursing (Third Australian and New Zealand edition ed.). Sydney: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

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