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Assessment 2: Short Essay 30%
Overview of Tasks
Task: Short essay
Length: 750 words
Due Date: 9pm Sunday Week Two
Details of the task
Assessment Task Two: Short Essay (750 words – 30%):
Question: What is the sociological imagination? Define and describe the sociological imagination, using your chosen group topic to illustrate how it works to provide a framework for thorough analysis of a social issue.
In your essay, you should describe each of Willis’s four dimensions, and how they work, using your chosen group topic to illustrate this. Your group discussions in week one and two will support you to develop your ideas and understanding of the four dimensions of the Sociological Imagination, as well as your chosen example. However, each student is required to write their essay independently.
In writing your essay, you can choose to devote equal space to each of the four dimensions, OR, you can choose to outline three dimensions more briefly, and devote more space to the dimension you are analyzing for your group project. Whichever option you choose, the work you do on this essay will provide a sound basis for further development of your analysis and writing for the final assessment task.
Assessment Criteria:
Clearly and accurately define the sociological imagination
Clearly describe each of the four dimensions
Explain each of the four dimensions by using your chosen group topic as an example
Demonstrated engagement with in-class activities and pre-class materials
Developing clear and effective written expression
Developing use of essay and paragraph structure
Developing ability to reference correctly according to the Harvard system
Correctly submitted, proofread and free from errors
Assessment Submission
Your completed Short Essay should be submitted to the relevant VU Collaborate Dropbox by 9 pm on the due date. Once you submit your essay, you will be able to see Originality Report (via Turnitin), which you can use to improve your essay based on the report. You will be able to submit multiple files per submission and submit your files more than once.

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