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Project title: Discrete Element analysis of randomly distributed fibre-reinforced sand in YADE with Direct shear test
Model a direct shear test on YADE platform.
Sample of sand should be prepared in definite shear box size for eg: 60mmx60mmx20mm or any shear box size.
The sample must have a definite porosity and with particle size distribution.
Isotropic compaction should be used to prepare the sample.
The fibres are generated and randomly mixed in the sand sample.
The percentage of fibre should be included.
The sample with sand and fibre is then applied to Direct shear test.
With necessary graphs and plots from Direct shear test.
The verified model will suggest and estimate the shear strength of fibre-reinforced sand with different fibre contents.
The modelling has to be done using Yade platform which will be based upon python programming language.
Linux Os has been installed on my laptop and I need the coding to
1. Sample preparation in yade by isotropic compaction
2. Modelling the cohesive forces between the molecules
3. Modelling the fibres
4. random distribution of fibres
5. Modelling the fibre reinforced sand for direct shear test
6. Direct Shear test for randomly distributed fibre reinforced sand.

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