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Unit Learning Outcomes Assessed 1, 2, 3 & 5

Due Date and Time WEEK 8 — Friday 4 May 2018 by 5.00pm
Weighting 20%
Assessment Description Each student will be required to research for relevant newspaper articles and contemporary ideas/issues as well as keeping a diary of their progressive learning based on the weekly topics as per Subject Outline throughout the first 9 weeks of the course. The relevant topics are provided below on the last page.
Work must be typed and referenced where appropriate.
LUnit Name/Code Company Law ACC2006/ACC204
Assessment Number A2
Assessment Type
In your reflective diary you may use headings, subheadings and bullet points. Please check your writing is presented professionally and all work is written in your own words.
Plagiarism will result in significant consequences.
Students are expected to HAND IN their Reflective Journal at the beginning of the workshop in Week 9 — Tuesday 8 May 2018
The Journal must be neatly presented, stapled and secured.
Only the weekly diary of reflective learning (students' original ideas and critics) must be submitted to Turnitin by the Friday 4 May by 5pm. Hand in the PDF copy of the Turnitin originality report in class in week 9. This is the document that shows all the similarities highlighted, printed from Turnitin.
Detailed Submission Requirements
What to submit:
1. Cover Page
2. Relevant newspaper articles
3. Diary of reflective learning
4. Turnitin Originality Report

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1742 words including References

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