Recent Question/Assignment

Assignment 2 - System Analysis and Design, Project Documentation (40%) 4000 to 5000 words
To be submitted the end of week 6
This document should cover but not limit to the following points:
• What is system development approach was used (agile or other traditional approaches) for your project and why this approach is used?
• What are the functional requirements? Data requirement description, including either structured paradigm (ER diagram, Data Flow Diagram, etc…) or object oriented paradigm (UML diagram, etc…). Define all the data (Data Types and Sizes) in your database
• Overall use case diagram and detail description and explanation of each use case.
• What are non-functional requirements for the proposed system? Such as Look and Feel Requirements, Usability and Humanity Requirements, Performance Requirements, Operational Requirements, Maintainability and Support Requirements, Security Requirements, Cultural and Political Requirements, Legal Requirements, etc..
• System navigation and user interface design, including sketches, screenshot or storyboard.
• Analyse and estimate the associated cost of the project.
• Show a work breakdown structure and a project schedule (as a Gantt Chart). Explain and the schedule and discus how they relate to the current project.
• Any issue needs consideration such as risks, cutover, over budget, new problems, etc…. Provide your explanation of the issues and justification of possible solution.
• A table showing detailed information about the contribution for each member to the System Analysis and design stage should be provided. Members of the same group may receive different marks depending on the contribution to the project. (Student may be interviewed to demonstrate their understanding about the part which they contributed)
• At least 12 references must be used, including 6 scholarly references. (Harvard Referencing Style)
• If you are working on an existing project provided in VU Collaborate. Critical Analysis on the limitation existing system should be provided. Details on the improvement and upgrade of your new system should be clearly clarified.
Marking criteria are provided in Assignment 2 Marking Rubric