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HC1021 Interpersonal & E-Communication Assignment 1 - Guidelines
Background Information
Communication is an integral part of business conduct as it allows all stakeholders to understand what the business is about. Internally, people need to understand how they fit in and what is expected of them. Whilst externally, it helps to educate people on how the business (or products/services) may fit into their life.
This Assignment
You are required to write an essay on “The impact of social media on contemporary business communication.” How have these changes impacted the way modern business operates today? Research, discuss and explain the fundamental opportunities and challenges that this creates for modern businesses.
For the purposes of this assignment you should also choose one core business as a case study and provide relevant examples to support your thinking and analysis.
Maximum length 2000 words. There is an allowable 10% exceeding words for in-text citations (reference list is not counted for the word length).
This assignment has been designed to assess your academic writing, therefore you should focus on essay writing. Research will be required in this assignment, and it is important to demonstrate the ability to reference (Harvard Reference system) where information sources have been used.
To achieve higher grades, you will have to demonstrate the ability to use compelling arguments whilst making the reading both visually pleasing and interesting.
Key areas that need to be addressed in your Essay
• An understanding and explanation of how ‘business communication’ has changed over the last 20 years.
• What challenges businesses in the 21st century are facing with communication?
• Identification of a suitable business, company or organisation that can be used as a ‘case study’ for your essay.
• How changes in business communication have impacted the way that business is being done now?
• Examples of ways that this ‘case study’ business is utilising these new ways of communicating.
• Appropriate research and referencing to support your essay.
Assignment Format
This assignment is required to be written as a formal academic essay. It should therefore include:
• A clear opening and introduction to the essay topic and subject, that clearly identifies the ‘topic sentence’ or ‘thesis statement’.
• The body of the essay that must be broken down into relevant paragraphs that explains, provides evidence and research to support your key findings and understanding.
• A concise and clear conclusion that summarises your key findings and draws the essay to a suitable conclusion.
For further assistance in Essay Writing please refer to the following resources:
• •
Use of Referencing
Students will be required to use standard Harvard Referencing for both in-text citations and in the final reference list / bibliography. It is recommended that students visit the resource centre and obtain a copy of the Holmes Academic Guide to Harvard Referencing. This is also available in the student resources area of Blackboard.
You can also find additional information on Harvard Referencing style here:
Due Date: This assignment is due on Friday 11:59pm in Week 6.
Submission after this date without prior approval by your lecturer will incur standard late
submission penalties (5% of the maximum mark for each day away from the due date up to a total of 10 days).
All students will be required to submit:
1. An electronic copy of your assignment report MUST BE SUBMITTED through the Holmes Blackboard – Safe Assignment system (ASSIGNMENT SELF CHECK LINK) by the due date.
2. You must also submit a copy of your report through the ASSIGNMENT FINAL SUBMISSION link for grading.
3. As a general guideline - the Safe Assignment ‘matching % to other sources’ must be less than or equal to 15% for this assignment. Students are reminded that the work that they submit for this assignment must be their own, and should be appropriately referenced. If the ‘% matching’ for your assignment on the final submission to safe-assign is greater than 15% then your lecturer may choose to deduct marks, ask you to resubmit with a penalty applied, or allocate you a mark of zero
You should get to the point and avoid wordy repetitions (i.e. be succinct and clear). Any source references used in the essay must be appropriately referenced (Harvard system). However, try to avoid copying or stringing together lengthy quotes leaving little said in your own words. Finally, it is extremely important that you are familiar with the institute’s policy on plagiarism that is included in the unit outline.
Assessment Marking Criteria
• Quality of Written Communication (4 marks)
(Clear, Logical, Concise) • Quality of Content (4 marks)
(Demonstration of topic depth and knowledge)
• Use of Relevant Research, Theory and Content (4 marks)
• Format – Presentation, Spelling, Grammar, Layout (4 marks)
• Appropriate Referencing (4 marks)