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Assessment Details
Assessment Task No 1 (Individual Essay. Analysis of a national park)

Task Length:

1,250-1,500 words

Date Due:

Week 6

Task Weight:


Task Requirements:
Each student will nominate a National Park outside Australia, which serves as a tourist destination. This park is the subject of their individual research project. Each student is to verify the suitability of their subject with the lecturer.
Under the lecturer’s supervision via classroom contact and online discussion, the student will conduct their own research and present, in a scholarly manner, their findings in a research report.
As a general rule, the length should be approximately 1500 words. The assignment is to be submitted in 12 point Times New Roman font, at 1.5 line spacing, and paragraphs will be fully justified. All writing must be appropriate, academic language and must communicate clearly and succinctly. Referencing is to be completed using APA style. The report is presented professionally (i.e. with spelling and grammar checked, and with attention to formatting, layout, use of headings, and use of graphs and tables).
The report content is expected to include:
• An analysis on where the National Park fits within the tourism system, the tourist products and services that are offered and their promotion
• The identification of tourist modes of interaction, tourists interests and their commitments towards environmental tourism
• Research into environmental planning techniques and sustainable development perspectives applied to this national park
• Discussion on the impacts of tourism on this environment as well as stakeholder involvement in sustainable development
• A rational analysis of the impacts of climate change on this environment, the consequences for tourism products and services currently offered
Criteria used to grade this task:
1. Critically analyse the placement of the National Park inside a tourism system and tourist products and services offered and promoted
THT31111 Environmental and Cultural Tourism Beta 1.1 Page 12 of 36
This Subject Guide complies with the Subject Outline authorised by the Course Committee

2. Provide a detailed identification of tourist modes of interaction, interests and commitments relating to ecological use of the facility
3. Research the environmental planning techniques and sustainable development perspectives applied to the given national park
4. Logically describe the impacts of tourism visitation and approaches of stakeholder involvement at this national park
5. Analyse in detail the impacts of climate change on national parks or other tourist destination
Estimated Student Workload: 10-12 hours
See Separate Marking Rubric for the detailed marking allocation
Links to Subject Learning Outcomes: Learning outcomes 1 and 2 are assessed in this task
Submission Details
Submissions must be online via the Turnitin
Feedback and Return of Work
Feedback and marks will be provided via the Turnitin within two weeks of submission

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1564 words including References

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