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1 Individual essay and short creative video: Business models
Assessment Type
Written Assessment
Task Description
This assessment must be completed by students individually. The assessment is designed for students to develop understanding of the importance and appreciation of the close links between business strategy, business innovation and business models. The business model concept is central to this understanding. It has evolved from a term that refers to ‘the logic of the firm or the way of doing business’ to a set of conceptual analytical and creative tools that can be used to help imagine, conceptualise, deliver and capture business value. The assessment is about assessing business models using different perspectives. The assessment involves writing a 1500 word essay and explaining the essay’s main arguments via a creative video. The creative video should be of roughly three minutes duration. Assessment details and guidance will be provided on the unit website in Moodle and in class.
Assessment Due Date
Week 7 Tuesday (24 Apr 2018) 1:00 pm AEST
Return Date to Students
Results and feedback will be made available on the unit website within 2 weeks.
Weighting 50%
Assessment Criteria
Assessment criteria and marking rubric will be provided on the unit website in Moodle.
Referencing Style
American Psychological Association (APA)
Submission Online
Learning Outcomes Assessed
discuss the range of innovation strategies and paths available to ensure future sustainability and viability of a business or organisation; critically analyse information that provides insight into innovation and business development processes; develop and evaluate innovative solutions to improve the sustainability and viability of a business or organisation; critically evaluate one’s own personal capabilities and the resources available to implement innovation and business development projects; and
effectively communicate commercially, socially viable and ethical innovation systems and business proposals for businesses and organisations.
Graduate Attributes
Cognitive, technical and creative skills
Ethical and Professional Responsibility

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1789 words including References

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