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X HI6006 Competitive Strategy Unit 0...
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are expected to be present for the final examinations, which are held during Examination Week, the exact dates/times and venues are announced via your Blackboard. For each subject you will be allocated a designated seat in one of the examination venues. Your examination venue and seat will be confirmed by the end the teaching period of each trimester via your Blackboard.
Assessment Length and Marks Criteria
1. Individual Assignment 1200 words; 20 Marks Comprehensive discussion of at least 3 of the following:
Write an essay of explaining the main strategy development tools and how they are used Individual PESTEL, 5F, RBV, PROFIT, I/O, SWOT, and CIA with academic references and practical examples

2. Group Report 2000 words; 30 marks Demonstrate application of the following (where relevant to the chosen case):
Write a report on one of 5 nominated cases, highlighting key aspects of competitive strategy Group Business Strategy, Corporate Strategy, Acquisitions and Structure, International Strategy, Cooperative Strategy, with academic references
[includes group presentations]
3. Final Exam 2 hours; 50 marks Demonstrate critical analysis and ability to synthesise theoretical and practical knowledge to diagnose and evaluate strategic issues and formulate strategy
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Prescribed Textbook (compulsory):
Title: Strategic Management — Competitiveness and Globalisation 6e 2017
Author(s): Hanson, D, Hitt, M, Ireland, R.D, Hoskisson, R
ISBN: 9780170373159
Recommended Readings:
• Ghemawat, P. 2016. The Laws of Globalization and Business applications, Cambridge University Press (Kindle App offers free e-book download)
• Rumelt R., (2011), Good Strategy, Bad Strategy, Crown Business, ISBN:978-0-307-88623-1.
• Johnson, G., Scholes, K. & Whittington, R (2008), Exploring Corporate Strategy — Text and Cases, 8th Edition, Prentice Hall.
• Other recommended readings will be advised in the unit blackboard site from time-to-time
HI6006 Competitive Strategy
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