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HRMT11010 Organisational Behaviour
Assessment Task #2 Essay
Referencing Style American Psychological Association (APA)

Chapter alignment: Chapter 2 in Organisational Behaviour 8th Edition Book (by Stephen Robbins, Timothy Judge, Bruce Millett, Maree Boyle)
Essay Topic: Female participation in the workforce has risen sharply in the last two decades. At the same time the advancement of females in organisations seems to be hindered by the ‘glass ceiling’ – critically discuss this statement and outline some strategies that may assist the advancement of females in organisations.
Assessment Criteria
An essay should be more than just 'descriptive' - a good essay argues a case, it demonstrates that you have critically thought about the question and have recognised there are different views on the issue. A good essay is one that uses evidence to support it's position. The evidence is in the form of thinking about the data reported in the literature. In answering the topic:
• Please use a minimum of 8 academic sources. These can be textbooks and/or peer reviewed journal articles. Magazine or newspaper articles, and general material from the web are not acceptable.
• Try to paraphrase from your sources, rather than use long direct quotes.
• Reference ideas in your essay using APA referencing style.
The essay will be marked against the following criteria:
- Depth of knowledge and critical analysis of the topic (25%)
- Awareness and application of relevant theory and/or models in response to the topic question (25%)
- Appropriateness of response to topic question (20%)
- Relevant and accurate use of the literature (15%)
Please search online carefully about the chapter before finding sources!!! Need to understand the chapter and answer these content correctly! Thank you
Essay has clear introduction, body and conclusion. Clarity of expression/grammar and correct spelling using Australian English (5%)
Referencing conforms to APA style (5%)
Appropriate word length relevant to the topic: 1500 words