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Identify an online or newspaper media article on a public policy issue relevant to social work.
The article should be one published in the last two months, and can include news stories, opinion pieces and editorials, but not Letters to the Editor.
Compare with a copy of the actual government media release or government announcement or publication (usually available on relevant Department’s Website).
Compare, contrast and discuss how the issues have been represented and framed in the media article and government statement. Identify if rhetorical tools and strategies have been used to persuade to a particular point of view (for or against) more than to inform.
Due date: 1st of May

online submission
Weighting: 20%
Length and/or format:
The word limit for this assignment is 1000 words (plus or minus 10%). Words over this limit will not be considered for marking. You must include on your cover sheet what the actual word count is for your assignment. Please note that your reference list is not included in the word count but the in -text citations are.
Public conversations about matters of policy, primarily take place in popular media. As a social worker being able to read, analyse and critique the information and opinion that comes your way through the media is an important skill. This assessment task is aimed at developing your critical reading and analytical skills and assisting you to consider, question and reframe information and media representation of policy issues and its impact on vulnerable populations.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1260 words including References


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