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1. Leading Change Management Survey and Reflection Assessment
2. This is a closed examination. Candidates are allowed to bring only writing and drawing instruments into a closed examination. The total working time for the examination is 2 hours. The examination date will be available via UConnect when the official examination timetable has been released.
Assessment guidelines
Three assessment items have been set to test your competence in understanding and applying the significant concepts and material presented in this course. The purpose of the three assessment pieces is to enable you to:
• Demonstrate your understanding of the material presented in the course
• Relate the material to a context that is relevant and of interest to you
• Support your career development by enhancing your competence in leading organisational change
More specifically, the assessment is aligned with the objectives of the course. These objectives are detailed within the course specifications. You can access the course specification on the USQ StudyDesk. Each assessment item is based on a range of tasks that attempt to relate the material in both theoretical and practical terms.
Students must obtain a passing mark from the three assessments to pass the course.

Please make sure you read the ‘Guidelines for the Online Quiz’ for details.
Assignment (Part I): Leading Change Online Survey and Feedback
out of Wtg% Due date Notes
Assignment (Part I): Leading Change Online Survey and Feedback 20 5 27 April 2018 See Note 1
1. Leading Change Management Survey and Reflection Assessment
Guidelines for the Online Survey and Feedback Report
1. Students are required to complete the Online Leading Change survey and generate their individual Leading Change Style Report. You are then required to provide feedback using the template provided designed for this purpose (see StudyDesk for details). The online survey will open from the start of the semester. You are free to do and redo the online survey as many times as you like until the due date.
2. However, students are only required to submit ONLY ONE individual Leading Change Style Report with their feedback (using the template) of the survey on the link provided on the studydesk.
3. Since this is an online survey, there is no written feedback for your test. Your Course Examiner will review and mark ALL online surveys and provide a mark using the marking criteria below. Students are required to use the Online Survey Template for their feedback for this assessment. This is available on the studydesk.
4. PLEASE NOTE: If you did not attempt the survey, the mark for your online survey component of the course will be recorded as 0 or zero. To be assured of receiving a passing grade a student must achieve at least 50% of the total weighted marks available for the course. If for any legitimate health reason allowable under USQ policy (see study introduction book) and you have not been able to complete the survey, please contact the Course Examiner by email to seek an extension. Generally, WORK COMMITMENTS ARE NOT AN ACCEPTABLE REASON for not completing the test;
Marking Criteria for the Online Leading Change Survey and Feedback Report
No Submission Partial Completion Full Completion
If students fail to submit their individual survey report and/or Feedback report If students provide their individual survey report and limited feedback in their report If students provide their individual survey report and a good amount of feedback in their report
0% 5 to 10 marks = 3% 10 to 20 marks = 5%

Style Guide References
Refer to the Harvard AGPS referencing advice on the StudyDesk in the Assignment section.
Guidelines for Late Assignments
Due to fairness and equity for all other students who submit their assignments on time, if a student submits an assignment after the due date without (prior) approval of the examiner, then a penalty of 5% of the total marks gained by the student for the assignment may apply for each working day late up to ten work days at which time a mark of zero may be recorded.
If you require an extension for a legitimate reason (for example: ill health, personal circumstance not including work commitments, or for some other critical reason) please seek an extension on or before the due date by email to the Course Examiner.
Please refer to USQ policies on guidelines for late assignments.

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