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In this assessment you will research current digital marketing communication practices. You will choose an industry sector and analyse the digital marketing communication (DMC) strategies of 3 organisations within that industry.
You will need to submit a written report analysing the approaches taken by each organisation to DMC. The aim of this assessment is to gain an understanding of current industry practice in terms of DMC and to critically analyse differences in approaches using coursework concepts and additional research findings. You are encouraged to critique or praise strategies and different approaches based on this research.You should also compare and contrast approaches between the organisations’.To make the assignment more practical you are encouraged to connect to the companies through their multiple digital communication channels such as the website, email newsletter (sign up), social media (subscribe, follow, like etc.,), mobile app and so on. You can then analyse the marketing communications from an end users point of view.
Students may visit the company website (and view on different devices), join the mailing list, follow it on Twitter and Instagram, subscribe to the YouTube channel, like the Facebook page, and so on. This would help to understand how the businesses are performing online.?
- Connect with the company on as many levels as possible to help analyse the way it uses the various promotion /communication channels.?
- You can use tables to support your analysis.?
- You can also use an appendix for any additional supporting information (this does not add to?your word count).?
- You should use screenshots in the report to support key points.?
- You must display evidence of critical thinking throughout your report.?
- You must cite at least three references apart from the text, the lecture notes and the?websites you are analysing.?
- Assertions or claims that you make must be supported by examples and references.?
- Your report must be of an appropriate standard in terms of grammar, expression, spelling,?punctuation, and organisation.?
- Make sure to appropriately reference other texts. If you need help with this refer to your?academic skills section on the portal?
- Ensure you submit it through Turnitin.?
1. Report Introduction
A brief introduction about the report and its purpose.
Report introduction
We live in a super connected world these days, Now the companies have a big challenge in terms of run in a very competitive environment, where communication take part through the Internet while this has an enormous influence in the customer, that is why is important to analyse from different strategies, mange plans and understand different points of view, so that they allow companies to identify which ones are their failures and in which ones they can improve, creating new business opportunities build a personal relationship with the customer and loyalty, every time more active with the corresponding evidence, and completely information on websites, From now we can conclude, then, that digital marketing is one of the pillars for the strategy of advertising and sales of any business, giving positive results of being well applied. The purpose of this report is to analyse how the companies like Nike, Adidas and Rebook are able to use the multiple digital communication channels such as the website, email newsletter (sign up), social media (subscribe, follow, like etc.,), mobile app etc. ad how to implement industry practice in terms of Digital marketing communication and analyse all the differences, using specific concepts to critique and praise strategy and different methods based in this investigation, comparing this three companies and compare the contrast between the organisation, and conclude which one is the more effective channel for this companies, and how they create a big optimisation in marketing and what are they chances to implement the target marketing over all of the consumers.
2. Company Introduction?
A brief introduction about the company. (150-200 words each) Company 1
A brief introduction about the company. (150-200 words each) Company 2
A brief introduction about the company. (150-200 words each) Company 3 (Reebok)?
Company 1 Nike Inc.
Was founded by bill bowerman and Phil knight on January 25, 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports they opened their first retail outlet in 1966, Nike is now the marketer leader in industry of sportswear, Nike in Greek religion means The goddess of victory, the mission of Nike is to bring inspiration and innovation to all the athletes the company has over 800 shops around the world and most of their factories are situated on Asia including Taiwan, India Vietnam, Thailand Philippines, Pakistan and china, Part of Nike’s success is owed to endorsements by such athletes as Michael Jordan, Mia Hamm, Roger Federer, and Tiger Woods. The Nike Town chain stores, the first of which opened in 1990, pay tribute to these and other company spokespersons while offering consumers a full range of Nike products. In the 1990s the company’s image briefly suffered from revelations about poor working conditions in its overseas factories.
Company 2 Adidas
Adidas is a German multinational corporation since 1949, Adi Dassler founding father started the first company registered the “Adi Dassler adidas Sport Schuhfabrik” working with 47 employees, creating the second bigger producer of sport clothing around the world from humble beginning to a global success story creating the most famous three stripes, including quality, styling and reputation, they are the bigger supply of athletic shoes around Europe, Adidas ranks second worldwide after Nike. Adidas the three stripes company equips more than 6000 Olympic athletes from 33 different countries, focusing in create a brand who complement that part of the athletes need to success and improve and sport equipment turning the brand into sport for healthy lifestyle, adidas was the official sponsor of the 1998 Soccer World Cup, Adidas provide a top brand and quality like no other in compare with the other competitive brands, supporting sport and countries like FIFA soccer, golf, American football, international confederation, creating , The adidas Group strives to be the global leader in the sporting goods industry with sports brands built on a passion for sports and a sporting lifestyle.
Company 3 REEBOK
REEBOK was founded in UK in 1890 by JOSEPH WILLIAM FOSTER, it begun to develop shoes for runners, this company started as a family business, in the process to growth this family move to US in 1958, since then until now Rebook is running a successful business around the world, also making the shoes ad mostly now it enter in the sport area and most of the sport man wear this shoes especially most of cricket player, their product is open everywhere in the world Reebok became an international brand, in 1981 they increase dramatic and became accessible in more than 170 countries.
They also provide shoes for NBA players, in the race of become more popular in 2002 they move in into the music Industry, and successfully reach they target and they star to make shoes for music artist G-UNIT rap 50 cents, one of their target market is the youth population creating a stile life of the new generation becoming an easy-going people with not worries and living the day, their logo is I AM WHAT I AM, always with the purposes to create an unique product, different as the others but with an unique style life , Reebok has always had to fight to keep their place at the top of the charts for active-wear shoes, and is continuing to struggle against competition. Just this week, they announced that they’re shutting down their iconic Boston office.
3. Digital Marketing Environment?
Summary of the key opportunities and threats facing their industry from a digital marketing perspective. Include at least 3 opportunities and 3 threats. (swot analysis and why and how they performe in digital marketing)
4. Strategic analysis
4.1 Target marketing
Describe the target market for each company. If the companies have the same audience, then create only one segment and persona.
Company 1
Company 2
Company 3
Describe the segment using the segmentation variables (demographics, geographics, psychographics and behavioural).
Describe the segment using the segmentation variables (demographics, geographics, psychographics and behavioural).
Describe the segment using the segmentation variables (demographics, geographics, psychographics and behavioural).
You can sign up for free for Xtensio and create the first buyer persona like the one above at:
4.2 Branding & Positioning
State how the companies promote and reinforce their brands online. Compare between online and offline campaigns, brand personality, techniques, and so on. Do the brands have the same
5. Digital Marketing Communication
This is the most important part of this report. Analyse the company’s digital marketing strategies and their effectiveness. Use the 3 types of media in your analysis. Use screenshots and samples of the tools to illustrate your arguments. Provide a thorough analysis of each digital communication tool. Critically analyse how each company is adapting to the changes in digital marketing. You can use course concepts to explain why the current strategies are working, but also any areas they may need to improve. Also, you can compare and contrast the different approaches taken by each company to deepen your analysis.
Include screenshots and examples of their online strategies to support your arguments. (e.g. a screenshot of an email marketing received from those companies analysing points such as subject line, OVP, CTA, layout, typography, branding, clarity of message; examples of SEO with keywords used and ranking on search engines; SEM (paid search results) based on different keywords; influencing marketing; and others.).
. 5.1 Company 1
. 5.1.1 Owned?
. 5.1.2 Paid?
. 5.1.3 Earned?
. 5.2 Company 2
. 5.2.1 Owned?
. 5.2.2 Paid?
. 5.2.3 Earned?
. 5.3 Company 3
. 5.3.1 Owned?
. 5.3.2 Paid?
. 5.3.3 Earned?
6. Referencing List