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BSBCUE203 Conduct customer engagement
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Assessment Task 1 Knowledge Based Questions
1. You work for a retailer of consumer goods. A new product is available in store. Identify three (3) sources of information on this product. Why is it important to have good product knowledge when engaging a customer?
2. You are reviewing a customer engagement script. Look at each feature described in the table. Decide whether this feature should remain, change or be removed from the script. Explain your answers.
Features Decision Explanation
Long paragraphs
Must be followed exactly
Use everyday language
Thank the customer
Personalise the script
Unnecessary information
3. A new mobile phone has just been released. Provide two (2) sources of information and explain how they could be used to develop your knowledge and expertise on this new mobile phone.
4. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are used to measure performance. For instance, a sales person may have achieved $15,000 in sales for the week, but their KPI was $25,000 for that week. Provide two (2) KPIs for employees that engage customers.
5. Describe two (2) different types of equipment or systems used to effectively and efficiently manage customer engagement.
6. A customer requests specific details about a certain product. You are unsure of these details. What steps should you take?
7. Provide two (2) types of technology that you could use to respond to customer enquiries.
8. If you were a salesperson, how would you typically greet a customer that enters your store?
9. Describe one (1) communication technique you could use to ensure you understand your customer’s needs. Explain.
10. List four (4) ways you can quickly, efficiently and effectively (as much as possible) make a customer happy and reduce delays.
11. A customer bought a kettle, used it twice, and it has stopped working. How can you respond to this problem in a positive manner?
12. What are three (3) strategies that can be implemented to encourage customer loyalty?
13a. List the steps when completing follow up action according to engagement escalation policy, timeframes, business rules and practices, and in line with customer expectations.
13b. A customer has approached you with a complaint about the behaviour of a colleague. What steps could you take to escalate this issue?
14a. List three (3) ways you can respond appropriately to customer requirements and identify relevant options.
14b. A customer is looking for a computer that will allow him to edit movies. Would you provide the customer with one option or a number of different options? Justify your answer.
15a. When talking with customers, list five (5) ways you can advise them of the product or service that meets their needs.
15b. In the table below, list six (6) characteristics and six (6) features that you would need to know about your products and services.
Characteristics Features
16a. Identify four (4) practical strategies that can help you maximize value and service delivery to your customers.
16b. How could a customer complaint be used to maximise value and service delivery?
17a. List four (4) ways a business can retain customers.
17b. Provide one (1) example that you use in your workplace to retain customers.
18. Identify four (4) methods of how to use simple, clear and easy to understand language with a customer. Explain how you have used one (1) of these methods in your workplace.
19. List at least three (3) services that an outsource environment typically provides.
20. A customer has returned a suit that has sun damage after wearing it for only a couple of weeks. The customer would like a refund or another suit, but the sales person is unable to make that decision. What would be the typical steps to escalate this issue and solve the problem?
21. A customer would like some information on when a particular product will be restocked. You are unable to answer the customer, but have said that you will find out for them. a. Why is it important to follow up?
b. When should you follow-up with the customer?
c. Should you follow-up even if you are unable to find an answer to their enquiry?
d. Explain how you will follow up in this instance.

22a. List four (4) types of company regulations and standards.
22b. Why is it important to always engage a customer according to organisational standards?
23. If a situation arises with a customer over a product or service, company policy states that it must be recorded. What details should be recorded?
24a. What is continuous improvement and how does it help an organisation?
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24b. A customer wants to buy a vacuum cleaner. You explain the different options available, identifying the features and benefits. There are no demonstration models available. The customer decides not to buy as they cannot test the performance of each vacuum cleaner. How could you record and use this situation for continuous improvement?
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Assessment Task 2 Scenario Analysis
You are a customer service representative at the SCG Bank of Australia. Your main role is to talk with customers and explain the bank’s products and services. Your goal is to sign up customers for promotions, such as cash back offers and special deals on new accounts and credit cards.
Part 1
You need to prepare for this role by studying and obtaining product information on the promotions.
The current promotion is for the SCG Platinum Rewards Credit Card. If customers sign up, they receive the following:
• 75,000 reward points when they spend $4,000 on the credit card in the first 60 days.
• 0% on all balance transfers in the first 6 months.
• $185 annual fee (instead of the usual $250 fee).
• 45-day interest free period on all purchases.
• $8,000 minimum credit limit.
• 1 reward point for every $1 spent.
• 2 reward points for every $1 spent in major supermarkets and hardware stores.
• 3 reward points for every $1 spent on international flights booked on Webjet.
• Reward points can be used to purchase many products or services, eg. 75,000 points can purchase one domestic flight.
Describe the new credit card explaining the benefits to customers.
Part 2
Create a customer engagement script for this promotion. The script must include the following:
• Appropriate greeting.
• Your name, business name and department. • The product name, features and benefits.

Part 3
A customer, Karen Armstrong, calls about her SCG Platinum Card. Karen explains that she rarely travels, so has no reason to accumulate reward points. At the moment, the annual fee of $185 is too much for her to pay. The features of the SCG Platinum Credit Card are therefore unsuitable for her.
Karen would still like to have a credit card that she can use for emergencies.
Describe Karen’s credit card needs.
What computer systems could you access for information on the types of credit cards currently on offer at SCG and where would Karen’s personal information be stored?
You are unsure which credit card to recommend to Karen. Who would you ask for advice?
What actions should you take from this point to satisfy Karen’s needs?
Provide two (2) additional actions you could take to ensure that Karen remains a customer at the SCG Bank of Australia.
How could you follow up with Karen to ensure that you have met her needs and requirements?
You decide that you need to know more about the credit cards that are currently available through other banks and financial institutions. This will help you provide complete and accurate information to your clients.
What are some of the sources of information you could access to further develop your product knowledge of the credit card options available?
Part 4
It has not been a good day for you with many difficult callers. It does not seem to be improving. You receive a call from a customer, Janis Joplin. Janis explains that she was approved for a credit card over five weeks ago and has not yet received it. It is a very stressful time as she needs the credit card for a family health issue.
Organisational regulations and standards indicate that you must let Janis know that the phone conversation will be recorded. Why would SCG want a call recorded and why would they need to inform Janis?
What computer system could you access in order to see what has happened with the credit card?
What steps should you take to escalate the issue?
It is important with any type of customer engagement that the conversation, issues and outcomes are all recorded so it can be followed up at a later date by both the customer and the customer service representative.
In this case, where should the details of the steps you are taking to resolve Janis’ problem be recorded? What details need to be recorded?
In this situation, what feedback could you provide for continuous improvement at SCG? Where could this feedback be recorded?
Assessment Task 3 Role Play
Task description
? This task is to be performed with your trainer. Your trainer will play the role of a customer and you will be a customer service representative. You will be using the same case study as outlined in Assessment Task2, Part 2, at the SCG Bank of Australia.
? The role-play will take approximately ten minutes. You will need to perform the role-play during your tutorial time or any other appropriate time that is mutually agreed with you and the trainer (it has to be within your trainer’s working hours, you cannot request a time outside of your trainer’s working hours). See ILSC Reception if you need assistance. ? Your trainer will observe the role-play and sign off the observation checklist if you meet the requirements. Please make sure you attach the signed observation checklist when submitting your assessment.
? Please practice the role-play beforehand and make sure you are covering the required areas while doing the roleplay. Use the observation checklist as your guide. Your trainer will be observing the following:
While communicating with the customer, the student has demonstrated the following:
? Greeted the customer.
? Identified the customer’s needs.
? Followed the customer engagement script.
? Identified themselves, the business and department
? Described the product, features and benefits ? Closed the call.
Role play scenario
A customer has called your department and is asking about information on your credit cards. Your role will be to ask the customer questions and to use the script you previously produced to introduce the platinum card along with its benefits and features.
There will be two circumstances and you will have to adapt your communication techniques accordingly:
1. The customer wants to know of any particular credit card that might be on promotion and have good reward points
2. The customer would like a credit card and has heard about reward points, but does not know how they work or their value
The role play will cover:
? How to greet a customer.
? How to provide good customer service.
? The effective use of a communication script.
? Communications techniques to suit the customer’s profile and requirements. ? How to close a customer call.
Note: Without completing the role-play you cannot be deemed competent.

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