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Assessment 2: Due date Friday, 18 May 2018, 2:20 PM
For this assessment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation in which you discuss the selection of an ERP and vendor for your organisation (Reliable Training Centre). You should:
Understand the business requirements and challenges.
Explore the marketplace for potential ERPs.
Identify as many potential ERPs and vendors (at least 5) as possible.
Narrow your list of potential ERPs down to three including SAGE and Odoo.
Evaluate ERP systems and select one, and
Provide rationale for your choice.
Your presentation should include information about the following (For each ERP):
A vendor's financial position, philosophy, support issues, hardware & software infrastructure, direction and currency of software, release strategies and the involvement of users in upgrades and resource development resources.
ERP modules.
ERP architecture and its implications, e.g., for scalability. You should also provide a diagram of the ERP architecture.
Perform a fit/gap analysis by matching the given organisation's requirements to features or modules of the ERP. Discuss the implications of the differences between the ERP's business processes and the To-Be business processes you identified in your previous assignment. Identify any missing functionality in the context of your organisation.
Identify ERP evaluation criteria for your organisation (Your evaluation criteria should include both functional and technical evaluation), and then evaluate the ERPs using your criteria.
Select an ERP and provide justification.
Construct a PowerPoint presentation. The presentation should be between ten to fifteen minutes. Your slides should also include:
A title slide, introduction, conclusion or summary, and a reference list.
In-text citations for sources and media, e.g., images and audio.
The given case study provides limited information and it does not discuss about the current financial position, etc. Hence, you are allowed to make assumptions in order to develop a convincing presentation.
The assignment criteria include aspects such as:
ERP architectures: Insightful analysis of implications of ERP architectures in the context of the organisation.
Fit/Gap: Audience has a clear understanding of the fit and gaps in functionality for each ERP.
Evaluation Criteria: Insightful choice and application of evaluation with due consideration of the organisation's context.
Structural Integrity and Organisation: Your presentation has a strong, engaging introduction, an effective thesis; the body of the presentation flows from thesis; your conclusion effectively wraps up the work; structure includes title slide, conclusion or summary slide and a reference list.
Framing: Meticulous presentation framing, e.g., ideas in point form; not in sentence form; slide numbers; footers; fast and efficient transitions; few words per slide; large font sizes; only relevant animation and images; consistent colour, fonts and layouts; contrast between text and background.
Nonverbals: Excellent stage presence including well prepared, stands up straight, loud clear voice, good eye contact, does not speak too fast or too slow; appropriate use of cue cards: does not read; appropriate use of time.
Mechanics, e.g., spelling, grammar and referencing.

Editable Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
Slide Count: 18 Slides

Note: It is based on previous assignment

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