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As a narrative Essay I would like to choose No. 2 which is a person centred care (PCC ) discussing how its came to be, importance in terms of Nursing and why? A Harvard style intex citation and referencing with a must form the referencing in the reading list at the bottom of the page.
Assignment 2: Essay
This assignment requires you to develop and extend your skills in sourcing scholarly information to answer a question on a specific topic. You may submit your assignment as either a traditional essay or a recorded PowerPoint presentation. Whichever you choose, we encourage you to upload your assignment into your portfolio once complete.

Assignment is due on 22/ April 2018, by 3pm.
Task length 1500 words (essay/portfolio entry
6-8 literature scholarly Proper Harvard in text and referencing style should be within 5 years.
Assignment topics
Please choose one topic from the choices below.
1. Ways of knowing in nursing: Read the case study Scenario and identify the five ways of knowing exhibited by the nurses in the scenario. Scholarly literature, describe and explain these ways.
2. Person-Centred Care (PCC): Whether patient, client, or consumer, the person must be at the centre of their care. Drawing on the Standards and Codes from module 1, together with scholarly literature, discuss the principles of PCC and explore how nurses can partner with consumers to improve the safety and quality of their care.
Marking criteria
1. The essay or presentation clearly addresses the main points of the chosen question, develops a logical argument, and displays understanding of the topic.
2. Structure, formatting and written expression are clear and correct. If illustrations are used in the presentation, they are appropriate and credited to the source.
3. There is evidence of in-depth engagement with appropriate academic literature and other resources, using a minimum of six scholarly sources.
4. The essay or presentation is referenced correctly using Harvard style both in-text and in the reference list.

Required readings
You will need the following text [available from the Co-op Bookshop]:
1. Daly, J, Speedy, S and Jackson, D (eds), 2017, Contexts of Nursing, 5th edn, Elsevier Australia, Australia.
2. *DeLaune, S, Ladner P, McTier, L, Tollefson, J, Laurence, J, 2016, Fundamentals of Nursing: Australian and New Zealand, 1st edn, Engages Learning Australia Pty Limited, South Melbourne, Australia.
*please note that this is a shared text used in multiple units across your degree.
Recommended readings
From time to time extra readings will be recommended, for those students who would like to explore a topic in more depth or who are intended to base their second assignment on this topic. These readings are not compulsory and will not be examinable.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1685 words including References

Topic selected: Person centered Care

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