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BUSINESS ANALYSIS S1 2018 - Assignment 1 instructions
All tasks relate to the case study. The tasks should be subheadings in your report. Word length: for a task worth 10 marks around 1 page; brevity, clarity and professionalism is more important than volume.

Note some of the tasks and terminology come from Waterfall and others from the Agile methodology for Business Analysis


Task A Project Journal – attached as an Appendix to your report
Develop a project journal (a log of YOUR OWN real activities in doing the assignment). Use a table with columns with number, date, activity, explanation and status. This is the diary of your project. (5

Task 1.01 Stakeholder analysis. List all related persons, groups and institutions in a table showing nature of their interest and their influence on the project. See the suggestions in BABOK (name, roles, attitudes, authority, power and
influence. (10

Task 1.02 System or Product Vision statement (see the example in Satzinger
7e, P13 ) (10

Task 1.03 “As-is” process flow diagram showing the current core business process in the case
study (10 Marks)

Task 1.04 Product backlog - one-page table of key requirements from the
perspectives of each of the users (user stories) using Agile format “As a ....
I want .... so that..”) (10
MoSCoW Analysis Prioritise the requirements (5 Marks)

Task 1.05 Use cases: five key use cases in a table with descriptions and
with diagrams (10

Task 1.06 Object classes: Identify five key classes with attributes (10

Task 1.07 Video: produce a 5-6 minute “elevator pitch” video clip explaining to
the client what you have done so far and how you did it. Provide a URL link and test it. If your marker cannot watch your video then it won’t be marked; please make sure you can be clearly seen in the video.
(20 marks) 13/4/18, 4F59 pm
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Report presentation: Ensure your assignment looks like a professional report to the client, see:
(10 Marks)

Marking guide
10 (20) 9 (18) 8 (16) 7 (14) 5 (10) 3 (6) 0
Outstanding: High Distinction: Distinction: Credit: Pass: Fail: Not Submitted:
An outstanding attempt – well formatted and professionally presented piece of work. An excellent More than
piece of work that competently meets all the meets the criteria specified criteria specified with with very minor only minor omissions or mistakes or mistakes omissions. Competently
meets the criteria as specified with few minor mistakes or omissions. Satisfactorily Did not
meets the criteria. sufficiently meet the criteria to pass. No attempt made or different from what is acceptable 13/4/18, 4F59 pm
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