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Assessment Task 1: Case study report
Goal: To analyse a business case using the work centred analysis framework
Product: Case Study Report
Format: Report Question
1500 word report.
You are to write a report outlining the changes that have occurred in a business due to digital innovation using a work centred analysis approach. Two matrices will be required, 1) a work centred analysis (WCA) of a company of your choosing prior to a digital disruption event. This will involve a retrospective analysis and any assumptions, due to a lack of relevant information should be included. The second matrix will be another WCA of the same company after the digital disruption event. In the report you will need to provide an assessment of the effect of a digital disruption event, provide recommendations on how to handle the event and provide an implementation plan for your recommendations.
This is an individual assessment and needs to be submitted electronically through SafeAssign.
Criteria • Identify the salient points associated with a digital disruption event in a company of your choosing.
• Provide recommendations and an implementation plan to help the company cope with the event
Generic skill assessed Skill assessment level
Problem solving
Task No. Assessment Tasks Individual or Group
% What is the duration / length? When should I submit? Where should I submit it? Hurdle
1 Case Study Report Individual
25% 1500 words Week 5,
SafeAssign No
The report should be structured using the following headings (1500 words)
1. Executive Summary
2. Table of Contents
3. List of Abbreviations and assumptions made
4. Introduction (what are you going to do?)
5. Introduction to the case you are going to study (be specific)
6. Problem identification from the case (what are the goals and challenges associated with the digital disruption event?)
7. Recommendations to the company
8. An implementation plan based on the recommendations you have provided
9. Conclusions
10. List of References

Marking Guide
Student Name
Assessment 1 MICT710 weighting 25%
Assessment Criteria:
To write a report outlining the changes that have occurred in a business due to digital innovation using a work cantered analysis approach.
Criteria Comments Possible Mark Mark awarded
Executive Summary: (1 page) 1
1. Background. You must be brief and to the point (about 1 page). Use your own words – you mustn’t just reproduce the case here. 2
2. Framework for analysis – fill in one work centred analysis framework for before the digital disruption event and another for after the event in an appendix (Appendix A) (this is not included in the word count) 6
3. Assessment of the effect of digital disruption Based on your comparative analysis of both work centred analysis framework matrices that you have recorded in Appendix A, provide an assessment of the effect of digital disruption on the business. Your assessment must be supported by concepts and other material from the literature (text, readings, etc.). 5
4. Recommendations. Provide recommendations on how your case can better handle digital disruption. You must convince management to adopt your recommendations (i.e. ‘sell’ them to management). 4
5. Implementation Plan. Your plan for implementing a process that will reduce the adverse effects of digital disruption (this could include staff training etc.). Again, you must convince management to adopt your implementation plan (i.e. ‘sell’ it to them). 2
6. Conclusions 2
7. References. At the end of your report, you must provide a list of all cited references (using correct Harvard referencing style) (at least 5). 2
8. Presentation. Grammar, punctuation, expression and presentation must be of a high standard. 1

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2156 words including Diagrams and References


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