Recent Question/Assignment

Its a case scenario that we have to present in class . And its a group presentation.
My question is 3 only to answer . I want it as power points which should contains the main ideas and points form should contain intext and referencing lists. and also in speech form which i will use to explain in dept when based on the power point.
word count 700 -1000 excluded referencing lists proper APA intext and 5 referencing list within 5years. Please use referencing provided in the case scenario
I need it by Wednesday please
first attachment contains the scenario about Matt . please read everything so you will have as idea of what going on with him. and Trigger 2 will explain about Neurological assessment please read from start to finish and use referencing provided on this page below
2 attachment are the group questions but only choose Question 3 to answer
3-6 attachment are some info about Matt that will relate to my question
4 attatchment Marking Rubric
These are some sources for your consideration. You will find references appropriate to your team questions here and/or you may search for other academic sources to support your presentations.

Agency for Clinical Innovation NSW Government. (2013). Adult neurological observation chart. Education package. 3-59.

Australian Commission on Australian Safety and Quality in Health Care. Clinical care standards.

Australasian College of Emergency Medicine. (2016). Guidelines on the implementation of the Australasian Triage Scale in emergency department.
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Tollefson, J., & Hillman E. (2016). Clinical psychomotor skills: assessment tools for nurses (6th ed.). Melbourne: Cengage Learning Australia.
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